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A lifetime does not require adjustment of watch, clock and watch industry as a whole is a problem. The Cartier innovation research and development team,a 5year period, a fundamental solution to the problem, whether it is amovement or a subsequent stage of Assembly, adjust this process will becomehistory.


Mechanical watch needs adjusting, in one sense, is subject to heritagematerials and lack of precision parts, wristwatches and assembled in theAssembly must be adjusted. Also, because parts of the volume adjusted not only uncertainty but also very complex. Mechanical adjustment of the time,often consumes more than half of the mechanical movement Assembly time.
Cartier‘s new bold in innovation from the semiconductor industry learn fromthe manufacturing process in order to produce precise to meet therequirements of the Micron parts. Cartier shaped carbon ceramic material(Carbon Crystal) manufacture of balance, lightweight and hard, can providestable oscillation frequency. Cartier also try to use glassceramics (z érodur@) this new material spring, with only traditional metal spring one-fourth of weight, micro-Crystal spring ensures that even if the watch is invertical position, effectively keeping the center of gravity, and defygravity. Redesign of the escapement lever and escape wheel, likewise withmaterial from the original carbon Crystal, escape shafts to titanium metal.Because it is extremely precise, Ruby not only eliminates the escapement lever pawl, goes on to avoid future adjustments for these tiny accessories.Meanwhile, in the design of new materials based on the spring, both ends can be fully seated in the escape shaft and the escapement lever, so that theeffective length of the Hairspring and the balance fit together, its ultrahigh accuracy far superior to the Observatory watches.

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