Hermes jewelry with you jewelry questions

Hermes jewelry with you jewelry questions Why the “aqua regia” capable of dissolving gold

Gold is not afraid of fire to burn. This is already well known. Gold was the chemicals in General. Also of the corrosion characteristics. However, the Gold if the encounter “aqua regia” would be dissolved. “Aqua regia” was a mixture of three on nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, and its reactions are:
HN08 (thick), +3HCI (concentrated) =NO + 3[C1]+2H:O Gold met chloro (Cl). Then as gold trichloride (AUC13) reaction is:
Au+3[C1]=AuCl3. We can know. “Chlorine” is the golden key substance from solid to liquid. Chlorine is a substance that has special effect on gold. If we do not “aqua regia”, using pure chlorine CI combined with gold. And heated to 200 ° c. Can also make gold from a solid to a liquid state. However, the chloride is a highly toxic substances, use is restricted.
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Gold case is made of gold

Gold case, there are two. An alloy. Called gold case. Another kind of gold-plated or gold, collectively known as the gold-plated case. Both the specific identification method is that when I get on the case. Check any alloy tag, alloy tag which is digital (such as 12,14,18) and letter (k, g, f), if found to have numbers and letters, such as 12KG or 14k gold basically concluded that the alloy of gold casing. Gold case on imported watches of this type more common, most domestic watch less. See 14KGF,(Fake Hermes Jewelry Replica Hermes jewelry Replica Hermes rings Selling cheap jewelry)14kgild in the finished table. 14kgoldpLaiNg, mark, the casing is cash or gold. By the way. Some fake gold watches. In case the word 14KA or 12kgofA, but in fact is not gold. This case usually made a rough, gloss is very poor. Stamped numbers and letters were crooked. Another litmus test can also be used. There is another type of case. They look Golden and shiny. No alloy tag which, in most cases, this type of case is not gold.

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