Hermes jewelry answers your questions

Gold medals are made of gold?
Hermes jewelry answers your questions
Now use the proliferation of jewelry, many people managed the previously retained “furniture” with it. Preparing processed into jewelry. This includes some gold medals. Maybe most people think. Gold Medal must be cast in gold, but it’s not. Gold Medal categories, such as the Meritorious Service Medal, the Games gold medal medals, commemorative medals, model figures, inventors medals and so on. Although many medals are clearly and unambiguously says “Golden Word, but the vast majority are gold-plated quality. Their intrinsic. Material is silver or copper. As for “gold” Word, this is because the gold medal is a precious. Meaning of the first. By awarding a gold medal, in recognition of outstanding achievement. Contributions of individuals and groups. Real gold medals did they? Yes, many countries in the world and our country have cast such medals. But very few in number. If you want to tell if it is real gold, the only reliable method was litmus test. In General. Gold deposits are quite thick and easy to get mistaken for gold.

Gold wire-rimmed glasses are made of gold
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Gold wire-rimmed glasses. From the outside to have the luster of gold, coupled with the high price, the name is related to “gold”, people who think. Gold wire-rimmed glasses are made of gold. In practice, however, about 95% gold-rimmed mirrors are gold or base his quality.(Replica Cartier Jewelry Fake Hermes Jewelry Replica Hermes jewelry Replica Hermes rings Selling cheap jewelry) Inner core is copper or steel wire. These glasses are often with gold case the same situation that you may encounter. Many products are engraved with gold-bearing signs such as 12K, 14k. This phenomenon most in Sun glasses in Hong Kong and Macao. Past imported glasses, if it is gold-plated, is labeled 14KGF,14kgild, etc.
If you do have a pair of wire-rimmed glasses (the gold), then it is not the years long and oxidizing substances that appear on the surface, this is because gold has a strong resistance to corrosion. Gloss long lasting as new. If you find a pair of glasses with gold in doubt. It can use a knife to scrape the surface of the frame. Touchstone will reveal part of the surface in grinding on, dip a few drops of nitric acid on the touchstone and watch his reaction. Gold. Color is pleased as ever. Otherwise go up in smoke.
Imports of wire-rimmed glasses. High quality plating. Thick coating, the pure color. Light is good. These easy to make people feel that is made of gold wire-rimmed glasses.

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