replica Hermes bracelets Auction number you know pigeon blood red

replica Hermes bracelets Auction number you know pigeon blood red

From the long text description, you never really know about pigeon blood red? Never mind, BAZAAR Jewelry this time letting the data speak! Three questions about pigeon blood red hot, intuitive data analysis, read them, who still dare to say you don’t know Red?

Burmese pigeon blood Ruby necklace, Bulgari. November 26, 2013 at Christie’s Hong Kong autumn auction, sold for: $ 29,240,000

Myanmar Graff8.62 carat pigeon blood ruby ring
November 12, 2014 Sotheby’s autumn auction in Geneva
Valuation: 6,500,000~8,560,000 Swiss franc
Price: 8,285,000 CHF
(About RMB 52,564,000)
Clarke price: about RMB6,098,000
How Red is called pigeon blood red?
Editorial reviews: this authentic Burmese pigeon blood Ruby–Graff Ruby is a rare sharp on the field, and pigeon blood red with SSEF certification. And this really beautiful should not be compared to the pigeon blood Ruby, another the same originating in Myanmar, 10.74 CT natural Ruby was completely without heat treatment PK, clear color with purple tones, no pure Graff Ruby. Although weight higher and even reach more than 10 carats, but neither sold nor the carat unit price less than one-fiftieth of the Graff Ruby!

Cartier 10.1-carat cushion-shaped Burma
Pigeon blood Ruby and diamond brooch
November 25, 2014 at Christie’s Hong Kong autumn auction
Estimate: HK $ 20,000,000~30,000,000
Price: $ 65,080,000
(About RMB52,578,000)
Clarke price: approximately RMB 5,205,000

replica Hermes bracelets3
2014 Christie
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Pigeon blood red auction auction house data
Average price: 14,500,090 Hong Kong dollars (about RMB 11,714,000)
2~3 carats average carat price: approximately RMB 366,000
10 carats average carat price: approximately RMB 5,205,00
Editorial reviews: by 2014 year Christie’s auction house as an example, taken on the lowest price of all item pigeon blood Ruby for an arc of Ruby Earrings, ring set, sold more than 500,000 yuan, the highest 10.1 Carat pigeon blood rubies in Myanmar from Cartier brooch, lots were sold to more than 50 million Yuan, has become in recent years the Supreme of pigeon blood red. 11 pieces of pigeon blood Ruby sold more than 10 million Yuan on average, with one main item of stone 2 carats the largest proportion, average carat price exceeded 360,000.

10.74 Carat Burmese ruby ring
The November 12, 2014
Sotheby’s autumn auction in Geneva
Valuation: 19,500 ~39,000
Swiss franc
Price: 161,000 Swiss francs (about RMB 1,021,000)
Clarke price: about RMB95,000
Pigeon blood-how many?
Editorial reviews: the pigeon blood Ruby is one of the most popular gems on the auction, but its appearance high frequencies far from Emerald, diamond, because its own production is very rare, can be determined much as pigeon blood red Ruby. Statistics found that Christie’s pigeon blood Ruby appears the most times, almost 10 per cent a year, another large pigeon blood red to multicolored poly Hong Kong auction featured auctions, pigeon blood Ruby items reached 21. Of course, the pigeon blood Ruby’s judgment with the auction house’s own standards are related, for example, Sotheby’s auction house in addition to famous GraffRuby, and others are not is pigeon blood red Ruby evaluation and description.

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