replica Hermes bracelets Vicenza jewelry show past and present

replica Hermes bracelets Vicenza jewelry show past and present

Located in Vicenza, near Venice, is Italy famous jewelry makers. Starting in 1948, Vicenza, international exhibition of gold and silver products, jewelry, watches and clocks, initially only a prosperous region of Vicenza and organizing integrated exhibitions to promote Italy jewellery design and technology for the purpose. After 60 years of development, has become the world’s most prestigious jewellery exhibition, one of the Vicenza by the international industry as “Golden City” and “city of jewels.”

Vicenza jewelry show by Italy famous Fiera Di Vicenza hosted, attracting attention from the worldwide jewellery industry, leading gold jewelry trends of Europe and the world as a whole. Different from that of ordinary jewellery exhibitions a year, Vicenza, gold and silver jewellery exhibition held three times a year: January 1 Vicenza gold exhibition (Vicenzaoro1), June Gold 2 Vicenza exhibition (Vicenzaoro2) and September gold and jewelry exhibition (Orogemma), exhibits a very rich, unique provides excellent business opportunities for industry.

In addition, the fair also organized a series of conferences, presentations and seminars discussing Italy problems domestic and foreign gold and silver production, updated for industry knowledge and insight to create a favorable condition.

Vicenza jewelry fair we can see what?
This is the first World year years jewellery fair, Vicenza jewelry show, with an endless stream of new designs, and these can also be said next year’s weather vane. In this “city of gold”, gold and silver jewelry is also a big attraction not to be missed.

Nearly 25000 square meters of exhibition area, from different regions, different styles of jewelry, precious stones and semi precious stones, natural and cultured pearls, Coral and other concentrated appearance. Assortment of all kinds of different design but also wonderful jewelry together. Many traditional jewelry and craft, can find clues in the show. Vicenza, jewellery technology, absolute is the primary objective.

Apart from the exhibition itself, Vicenza jewellery fair also organized a series of workshops and seminars, covering design innovation, trend forecasting and response to the crisis and many other aspects. Like a forum, in which, not only can most directly felt industry, can also absorb new ideas from different directions, both being talked about is work, are quite good.

Vicenza jewelry show what we can do?

If the opportunity comes to Vicenza jewellery fair, the first step is not to be missed those tinkling of jade of Emerald, full of designer jewelry. Come to Vicenza jewellery is designed not to be missed, if there is an opportunity and some jewelry designers simply talk it best, however, will benefit.

Secondly, in the city of gold, look at Italian gold jewelry design, Chinese people have always been favored for gold there, but the design is too conservative and traditional, that gold-Playbill, Boyle, China only seems to be in the pocket of the. Vicenza can rest assured, where gold jewelry is no flowers and the magic gourd, replaced by a modern and trendy. If there is a fancy, the price is right, and release it.

Finally, if you are a person in the jewelry industry, or for the jewelry industry is very interested in, so the exhibition is necessary to participate in the Forum. Brings together international jewelry industry leader in branded merchants, designers, professional media, they will start around the jewelry industry development topics, Huashan, and let you know about the industry.
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Went to Vicenza jewellery fair said
Status: senior media person

She said: Vicenza jewelry show a total of 3 times in a year, respectively, in the winter show, spring and autumn exhibitions monthly. 2014 spring show May have a special meaning, as from 2015 spring—-exhibition will move to Dubai for the first time in Italy outside the place, suggesting Vicenza jewelry show accelerating process of internationalization. I visited the spring exhibition in Vicenza, a strong and obvious change is that the platform is no longer in the family elders, the second generation of successors has been active in the jewelry industry, is also studying overseas background, they can use fluent English and buyers all over the world do without obstacles to communication.

Besides jewellery fair in the new products section is also very innovative, in the case of economic conditions is not satisfied, jewelers launches gems and semi precious stones, precious metal and base metal combine to reduce costs and increase the diversity and possibilities of jewelry. In traditional artisan family business led Italy jewelry industry today, many small and beautiful Designer Studio also brought Visual enjoyment to the visitors and their personal taste and imagination of the original designed beautiful jewellery, also become buyers love.

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