replica Hermes jewelry Most cannot afford to miss three of the highlights of

Most cannot afford to miss three of the highlights of

Huge pavilions are like mazes, jewelry feast makes you confused, don’t worry, follow BAZAAR Jewelry together, starting from the three most highlights not to be missed, must let you play with Vicenza jewelry show.
Gold technology Made in Italy is a miracle
Come to Italy, the first concern must be the gold processing, it is undoubtedly the protagonist of Vicenza jewelry fair every year and fundamental. Whether Gold engraving, fine cut, hand-woven or innovative embedded way, all you expect gold to show the way in Italy craftsmen’s hands is easy. If you have the opportunity to visit, you must remember to let the business take out these gold jewelry for you to try, that soft as silk to the incredible gold ribbons, complex structure to unimaginable gold soldering will give you the most intense sensory stimulation.

Diemmeffe Narciso series hollow Golden Eagle inlay color gemstone necklace

Fratelli Bovo 18K Yellow Gold Diamond
Ultra thin flower Stud Earrings

Andriolo Sergio 18K gold handmade necklace

Using 3D printing technology to make gold necklace set
Gold 3D printing
3D printing is the second half of 2014 more and more technology to the fire, which was first applied to the resin technology is also applied to the gold. Vicenza jewellery fair more than gold jewelry brand began using 3D printing to achieve once out of design, particularly to meet the 2015 “futuristic” jewelry fashion trends, with technology and wonderful temperament.

Wonderful designs will make you believe
If you haven’t seen these stunning jewelry, it is hard to imagine that the world would have such a designs, in Vicenza jewelry show, you will be issued again this amazing, incredible design is simply too much! Realistic character, animal jewelry has a lot this year, some are humorous, some are filled with hot romantic, every muscle lines and details are carved couldn’t be more true. Uses line to create a minimalist beauty of the jewelry and many, at first glance quite simple, look at philosophy, but with structure.

Marco Dal Maso characters brooch

Pacoma Paris Folie de Chantilly series 18K white gold South Sea Pearl and diamond ring

Magerit Versailles series 18K necklaces of gold carved figures

Magerit Instinto series 18K gold/white Crystal eyes shape necklace

Sutra 18K black gold with rose cut diamonds 3 Carat Ear Cuff

Magerit Wild Spirit series 18K white gold and black gold carved horses shape ring
Super fire magic method
When jewelry design has more and more perfect, jewelry worn by innovative brands are testing the waters of the new territories. Red carpet lit up the Ear Cuff, finger rings, Beck quit appear at the Vicenza jewellery fair this year.

replica Cartier jewelry
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Color color of treasure blowing up a whirlwind
Hot colored gemstones has been going on for many years, and this year is even more fire situation continued! Yellow diamonds, Pink diamonds, Blue Diamond, colored diamonds are no longer appears as a single bare stone, was designed as a large Piece of luxury jewelry there. Fendashi, Lotus, corundum, ParaĆ­ba, Ba Bixi and other gems that are not common before also appear in large numbers, they yield rare, precious value, colors were bright, special, they join color a whirlwind into new elements. On this basis, gradients, color color games are widely, reflects the brand powerful gem resources at the same time, also reflects the designer’s standards.

Gorgoglione yellow diamond necklace, earrings, rings

Pasquale Bruni Ghirlanda series 18K gold with 50.6 Carat Golden Beryl, 28.5-carat diamond necklace

Stefan Hafner Aria series
18K rose gold with colored stones rings

Sutra18K black gold 17 Carat Black Opal, 15-Carat Diamond earring
Top gemstones to create “fashion accessories”
In previous years, large Piece, bold, bright colors seem to be’s description of the accessories jewelry, and now all of these keywords are used to top-precious stones. The best black opal is surrounded by layers of diamonds, into a full 8 cm long oversized earrings. Is not only a prominent top Ruby, Emerald gems their style, exaggerated finger ring has become the stage.

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