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Cartier’s saga began in 1847. 29 Louis-Francois Cartier took over the 29,RueMontorgueil of Paris stores. In 1846, Louis-Francois with own’s initials l and c around the mean shape consisting of a diamond-shaped sign, Cartier is registered, which meant that Cartier was born, this heart-shaped logo is a symbol that tells of a legendary love story and the beginning of Kingdom of luxury.

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Paris at that time, after competing for the throne after a turmoil and restore the flower to its former glitz meteorological, greatly promoted the Paris Luxury boom. Cartier was lucky to get Napoleon III’s young cousin Princess Mathilde’s recommendation, growing business. In 1902, the Cartier shop has opened in London and New York from Paris, became Kingdom of Cartier’s headquarters in New York.

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Santos de Cartier Watch this early flight from the desire to again soar in the sky for free. Louis Cartier (Louis Cartier) Brazil’s rich friend Sanders. Dumont (Santos Dumont) is also a famous pilot. At a meeting in Paris, Dumont Cartier referred to friends not easily read as time of flight problems and seek to solve the problem. Louis Cartier thought and study the achievements of the revolutionary Santos flight watch.

Under view, Replica Ballon Bleu de Cartier Watch is amazing. Cartier Crown inlay cabochon sapphires, Sapphire dial inseparable like the satellite, and its first distribution of precious metal guard, take care of precious stones.

Between the classical and the overall design of futuristic style. Streamlined three-dimensional case is like a pebble, front and back are slightly rounded arc. Sapphire Crystal mirror can create strange optical effect. Digital standard zoom, deformation of the time also interesting. Due to the influence of the Crown, the Roman numeral from a circular orbit.

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Cartier from Nonconformists. We all take it as trendy, speculation of its exotic when a new guide, Cartier has turned an impact battle: in the first world war, the most powerful new weapon–France Renault tanks, inspired luyi·kadiya of inspiration, made him in 1919, of square produced a revolutionary design with a perfect wrist watch–tank (Tank). At that time, “simplicity is elegance” concept, people avoided the JI, but Cartier Watch this revolutionary forerunner, but stick to its vision, publicly advocated a new aesthetic standards.

Cartier company has first-class quality and avant-garde designs of watches, new modern Evergreen, always stand in the front of the times, known as watch the history of VIO (Very Important Object).

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