Replica Cartier Tank


Replica Cartier TANK watch was born in 1917, hand-designed by Joseph, after nearly 90 years of baptism. The series watch by law 9-movement, gold casing; look concept originated from France the Veyron (RENAULT), the parallel section of the tank; tanks shape evolved into the vertical side bars, in case, for the installation of fixed-lined strap tie. Roman numerals, train Rails scale ring, Breguet style blued steel hands, Sapphire, Pearl inlaid with spherical shape and the Crown, leather bracelet. Described by masters and aesthetic result of the combination of the war, becoming TANK& wrist watch specifications for constant growth in the future.

Tank model series is the top of Cartier’s creative, is also a modern interpretation of square and rectangular tables. Tank series circular line first heralded the aesthetic rules of art deco style, its geometric design is aesthetics to modern standards.

2012 launched Tank Anglaise, was the youngest member of the Cartier tank series, which combines the long arc of Metan-case, Tan and law in the case of chain link, with fluent, resolute lines as a design element, in addition, is characterised by stealth in the case. New continuation of the original style, the three o’clock date window, retro Rome arranged along a rail-mounted scale, from the face of the Central extension of a arc corrugated, blued steel hands, leather strap features a mix of fun colors this year, a moderating tank serious impression, with different sizes of casing, internal movement of carrying is also different.

Has the nature of modern Tank series, was a victory for sheer elegance and timeless design shows. Tank Watch for many of its enthusiasts, and is a symbol of lifestyle: they avoid luxury boasts, like the simple and true elegance.


We (as of 2015) continues to make the Replica Cartier Tank Watch, and has since created other products based on the original Cartier Tank Watch design, including Fake Ballon Bleu de Cartier Watch,Cartier Roadster Watch Replica, Fake Cartier Love Rings,expanding the design into a watches line.


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