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Hermes jewelry explained:Gold can cure it?

Hermes jewelry explained:Gold can cure it?

Some of old comrades, encountered a descendant or spouse is sick. Proposed that they have some “date,” claiming that diseases can be cured. This “date” is what whom? It is made of gold or gold jewelry is placed in the water to a boil. In fact. This has no scientific basis. “The date ‘” and can cure the problem of the good. This strange phenomenon. Are people age, cultures and religious beliefs. Other than that. Civil fine legends, also allows people to substitute fantasy a reality. Such as the legend of the descending God Almighty yaxie yellow. “The date” link. Through the ages. In a foreign country, or in our country have this kind of story, ancient Greece when a sailor to wear. “Lucky charm”-gemstone gold rings. To ensure safe and sound.
Something had to say back. Gold is not of no medical value. Modern scientific research has shown that. Gold does have the efficacy of the treatment of certain diseases, but it requires a very complex processing and post processing. Can be applied. This “date” are two different things.

Only one color of gold

We all think that. Color is yellow-gold. Even with the changes. Is yellow with red or yellow-green, and so on. In fact, gold color and only one, its color as well as black, pink. Purple. Blue, rose, and so on. These gorgeous colors. Greatly enriches the decorative effect of jewelry, jewelry styles were changed, so that some of the previously little-known jewelry, emits a strange glory. Have been enacted in 1984, seven major jewelry companies in Hong Kong jointly organized by “East Oriental ornaments featured exhibition”, the black gold diamond jewelry is stunning eyes and ears. By visitors and judges alike. Fake Hermes Jewelry Replica Hermes jewelry Replica Hermes rings Selling cheap jewelry
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If you compare the past gold-Hermes jewelry, its color had to be tested, some gold material for sale, quality standard was very high. This is not the case …
Different colors of gold material, caused by the end of the day is full of techniques. Such as blue gold is injected into drilling technology of wood. Yes, sure. These processes are not as easy to get to. Some countries over decades. Tapping out a sample, so. This kind of process States are confidential. Black gold material referred to above. From France designed and developed, in addition to it, there is no other country in the world to fully open the secrets of this material. By the way. Despite the color varied, but its alloy content standards are the same, such as 18K value is 75%. Sceptical of its color accuracy is not.

Hermes jewelry Introduction of the

Hermes jewelry Introduction of the
So-called gold is the gold jewelry of gold over 99% materials collectively. There are other commonly known as gold everywhere. For example gold, pure gold, and so on. But gold is not meant to be pure gold. How much gold is gold, there is less, before liberation. Tianjin provides that the value of gold is 99.6%; 99.4%, provides the gold content of gold in Shanghai: Beijing gold gold in 99.2%. So why on some material with high gold content are collectively referred to as gold?? It is because of this gold is the red and yellow, and therefore by this name. Operating jewellery stores are also known as, over time this name is formed.
With the improvement of science and technology. Refined the purity of gold is now around 99.9999%, continue to use gold as a general name is inappropriate, so now have adopted a price around. 99% the gold content of gold, it is called 99 gold. 99.99% the gold content of gold, it is called 9999 gold. There are two advantages of doing: a favorable to the caves store the correct price is calculated: one is to protect the interests of consumers. Another point to note is that. Some people think that gold is 24k gold, 100% gold is gold. This view is lopsided. 100% pure gold in theory works, but in fact is hard to do, as we all know, the more material of high purity. Its refined technical difficulty and higher costs. In the present case. Unable to extract gold 100% material: again, from jewelry value point of view, it is not of any significance. Is called 24K of gold abroad. Its purity is not 100%. Like real gold. Thousands of gold, their alloys also Yes. 99.9%, and 99.99%, there is no amount of alloy was not up to I00%.
Hermes jewelry Introduction of the

What is color gold

Fineness of gold is the gold material contains other ingredients. For example. Seven gold 70% in gold and the rest call 30% for non-prime ingredients (mainly silver, copper). Fineness of gold names are more prevalent in the country. In jewelry stores in the past. It is also known as “money” or “gold” jewelry with the fineness of gold and natural color of gold are different. The latter cannot be used directly. Making jewelry with a fineness of gold is refined and high purity of gold, depending on their need to mixed with silver, steel and other metal materials. Natural color gold was mined prior to the formation of a (that is, containing other materials). These two types of the fineness of gold mineralogy: gold dust and gold. Placer gold from alluvial deposits. And sand mixed together. Gold production due to wind and rain erosion and river wash, order crumbling into sand, and gold dust and sand all the way from the vein smooth flow, less than significant. Natural deposits under the sand, after the Millennium. Gold was deposited between the river bottom or sand and gravel layers. Natural sand in some small gold particles, and dozens of kilogrammes annually. Small sand only its color. In 1869, the bromine in Australia have discovered a piece of neon weighs 70 kg of alluvial gold and sensation to the world. Baiyu County, Sichuan province in China has to be a 4. 7 kilograms of natural gold nuggets. Maximum gold content of 99% of gold, gold is about 80% in General. In placer gold other than gold. The rest is basically silver. Gold veins, often mixed with quartz. Gold under the gold is mostly poking out of the hot springs. Precipitate to form the space rock. Gold shaped like a thick paper, stored in the ground. Its thickness and size ranges, some only a few cm thick. Only several square meters: up to several meters thick, an area of thousands of square meters. A gold alloy of high and low ranges. In General, mining gold than the gold is easy.
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Past. Shortage of China’s jewelry industry are called natural gold gold or gold. Gold is refined and then cooked for gold. Mature Gold included gold, color gold.

What are Hermes jewelry-making materials

What are Hermes jewelry-making materials
Jewelry materials can be divided into two broad categories. Are the jewellery, the traditional use of Platinum, gold, silver, jewelry, quality natural materials such as jade. Jewelry made of such material. Others call it true jewelry. Another is some cheap, poor quality of natural materials. Or some synthetic materials. Jewelry made of such material. Some call it fake jewelry (or imitation gold jewellery).
In fact, as long as the decorative significance, with a certain technological characteristics and meet certain specifications. Are jewelry.
Jewelry industry at home and abroad now, usually jewelry by material part three. A high-end jewelry. It is made from expensive precious stones and materials of the genus: one is the mid-range jewelry, it is made of precious metal and gem materials of some quality time; there is also a low quality jewelry, it is the lowest. Synthesis of high quality materials and synthetic gems, or of inferior quality are made of natural materials.

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What is k-gold

K gold. Gold jewelry of a variety of materials. Gold “k” is a foreign language “Karat” the abbreviation for the term. Full representation is as follows: Karatgold (k-gold), k-gold and the other sense, it is measured in units of k gold, similar to the content of gold in China called “(for example, 12K is equivalent to 50% gold content). The use of “k” method to measure gold has been internationally recognized by the jewelry sector. China exported jewelry, are using this method of measurement. But in domestic jewelry, not exactly true.
K gold account is: 24K pure gold (100% alloy), 1k’s alloy is about 4.166%. However, the theoretical calculation method is that, in some products, some of the data is slightly up and down. 14K gold. According to the above method. Gold is 58. About 33%, but in fact, gold is 58. About 5%.
Use “k” to the method for calculating the gold content, from the Eastern Mediterranean coast of a carob tree. Carob reddish flowers. Bear 15 cm long pods, beans ren Dan Brown. Can be made. This kind of tree regardless of where the long. But the bean kernels are exactly the same size, so, in ancient times, people take it as gravimetric standards. Personal analyticsover time. It became a unit of weight used to measure precious. Small items. At that time included most of the diamond and gold are also using this unit, that is. Ko-roT。 Until 1914. Provisions now karoT standards internationally.

Not the same as the Hermes jewelry, fashion jewelry. Opening jewelry

Not the same as the Hermes jewelry, fashion jewelry. Opening up new fields of jewelry industry
Fashion jewelry name is from the function of jewelry to understand. It is from the Bauhaus style – a Bauhaus design institute in Germany, it was founded in 1919. The Bauhaus advocate the integration of art and technology, this kind of design has a great impact on industrial design later. For Bauhaus in international academic circles, the design sector enjoys a high reputation, so called, Bauhaus style jewelry and fashion combine matching. Fashion jewelry history is from the beginning of the Second World War, when the production of the capitalist countries gradually restored, the corresponding increase in physical strength, wearing a particular stress. From the entire consumer structure. The first major category of goods is fashion. It is in view of fashion in the life of the prominent position, a traditional jewelry from the points of high fashion jewelry came into being. Since then, jewelry decoration has opened up a new area.
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Fashion jewelry is closely related to fashion design, technology, color and function. For example. The color of traditional jewelry, with yellow and white majority, and fashion jewelry color. Is a fashion color for reference, not only yellow, and black, blue, red, purple and other colors. Diversification of fashion jewelry materials. Also general jewelry can not be compared. It can be made of bone, wood, thread, skin and stone. With the traditional styles of fashion jewelry jewelry is very different, the traditional jewelry patterns for the flower pattern, multiple styles for regular geometry, the styles of fashion jewelry is rich and varied. A popular fashion, its style tends to compact, elegant, relaxed fashion popular, its style is rough, exaggerated. As for patterns. From small to small hammer, pliers, scissors, have seen little whistle. This is an interesting design of eye-opening.
On the other hand, fashion jewelry breaks through the boundaries of the real (precious metal, jewelry, jade jewelry) and imitation (imitation gold jewelry, etc.). In fashion jewelry, at the same time, the gold and iron material for making jewelry, specifically platinum with imitation jewelry materials fusion in the product. to make a long story short。 The novelty and variety of fashion jewelry is the harmony and balance between fashion and fashion. Contrast, complementary and other effects based. Now, in luxury. Soft silk embroidered clothes hanging on a string of open collar bone stone beads and customs. Swept away the traditional carving delicate gas; between the white blouse and black skirt and a cluster of hate grey plastron, as increased levels of color also coordinated visual contrast: show a wrist like a grid shaped Bracelet in uneven texture of wool shirt cuffs, immediately dressed in regular of different costumes repercussions. That’s the allure of fashion jewelry.