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Cupid’s tears – diamond

Legend, the pear-shaped diamonds were tears of Cupid, who can see the couplewill receive God‘s blessing and love, do not leave. Actress Elizabeth.Taylor of the crazy was a pear-shaped diamonds, in 1969, the auction the69.42Carat in New York named Cartier pear-shaped diamonds, was thehighest price of diamonds, Elizabeth Taylor to win, her husband spent $ 1.1 million to buy.

In 7th century, also known as the teardrop-shaped cut (Tear Cut) or cut(Pendloque Cut) bow tie effect. Pear-shaped cut in the France of Louis XIV14 times is very popular, in the historic diamond nearly 20% to use cut,including the world‘s largest diamonds: Cullinan, first (Cul Li Nan 1). Thistype of cutter for machining end corners are damaged or defective anddiamond stone. Set protection get attention when sharp corners. Outlinerequirements: two flanking symmetrical.
Pear-shaped diamonds and celebrity:replica cartier necklace


In 1966, the United States jeweler Harry. Winston bought a 240.80 Carat topdiamond stone, and polished it into almond-like size, weighs 69.42Caratpear-shaped ornament drill. Then he sold the diamonds United States femalebillionaires, Harriet. Lady Ames. Two years later, the Lady diamonds get Su Si than in New York. Parker. Burnet auction houses for sale. Elizabeth Taylor‘s husband Richard. Burton on the pear-shaped decoration diamond tookan interest, he spent $ 1.1 million to buy the diamonds, and named it theElizabeth Taylor diamonds. , He also has bought a former Germany King ofheavy industry Kropp family 33.14 Carat jewelry drill for Yupo.

cartier Diamond

In 1970, Taylor wore the Elizabeth Taylor diamond pendant at the Oscars,captured the second tianquan United States headlines of major newspapers.
Carina LAU wedding ring weighs 12carat, only one in the world, set next to the ring a ring drilled full of expensive gas than before Tony Leung Chiu-Wai in the film Lust, caution, the actress Tang Wei to pigeon eggs alsohad much 6 carats, price is too expensive by 80 million. This wedding ringcost hundreds of millions, but don’t think Tony Leung Chiu-Wai is a waste,since such a diamond could earn than the mansion.
Xia Lousha said diamond probably up twice each year, within not more than 5years or up 1 time times are possible. Return on investment high, jewelryindustry vision the couple, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Carina LAU which cost 140million wedding, is likely to rely on the only wedding rings, can berecovered within a few years.

Cartier necklaces expensive? Cartier necklace money

Cartier necklaces expensive, Replica  Cartier necklace money issue inclusive of peerless diamonds, clever and detailed the extraordinary technology, Cartier necklace show beauty of elegant luxury. Replica Cartier love Rings with tri-color gold necklace series worldwide, in addition to this series, other series Cartier necklace was closing forever classic. Cartier necklaces expensive? Cartier necklace cost?

Cartier necklace is it expensive, Cartier is a global fashion dream of luxury, a Cartier necklace is carefully designed by Cartier jewelry, Cartier necklace each with unique designs and the Cartier brand, as products of the world’s most famous jewelry brand, Cartier necklaces are necklaces of the same parameters are more expensive than other brands.

Cartier necklace money along with the jewelry Kingdom fame, Cartier became Europe’s Royal Queen’s jeweller and known as the “jeweler’s Emperor, Emperor’s Jewelers”. Cartier necklaces with exquisite fashion style, meticulous workmanship widely favoured by consumers all over the world. How much do Cartier necklaces and necklace styles and so on, is no longer a fixed price.

In General, the Cartier necklace price changing, thousands of cheap, you can reach tens of thousands of and even a hundred thousand of. But wearing a Cartier necklace brand. Cartier necklace price than other brands of high prices is taken for granted.

Cartier necklaces official quotes and pictures

Counter price Cartier necklace, Cartier necklace official offer is Cartier France jewellery brand, has become the world’s most famous jewelry trademark. Cartier opened a number of Cartier counters all over the world. Cartier necklace is one of the most popular of its jewelry. Cartier necklace counter price? Cartier necklaces office offer?

Cartier necklace counter prices, world “jewelry” King of Cartier products is very rich, Cartier necklace has been the extraordinary creativity and seamless technology to global consumers favor. Cartier necklaces are not sold in the Mall. So Cartier necklace counter price becomes what we care most about.

replica cartier necklace

Replica Cartier necklaces and counter price Cartier necklace styles, designs, materials and so on, are generally 18K gold Cartier necklace, Cartier necklace counter price is focused on style and design, design and style are more delicate case, Cartier necklace counter price is relatively high. In General diamond Cartier necklace counter prices will be higher than the non-diamond Cartier necklace.

Official offer Cartier necklace, Cartier necklace is prevalent in all over the world, in all countries in all regions have the Cartier opened a special counter, wearing a Cartier necklace for their increase will allow the wearer to temperament and exquisite luxury. Occur selected the following three Cartier necklace necklaces to introduce an official offer.

K CARTIER/Cartier ladies rose gold diamond necklace pendant official quotation: 7556

CARTIER (Cartier) 18K white gold heart shaped pendant necklace official offer: 12360

CARTIER (Cartier) official 18K white gold heart-shaped diamond necklace price: 15300

replica cartier necklaces