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Cupid’s tears – diamond

Legend, the pear-shaped diamonds were tears of Cupid, who can see the couplewill receive God‘s blessing and love, do not leave. Actress Elizabeth.Taylor of the crazy was a pear-shaped diamonds, in 1969, the auction the69.42Carat in New York named Cartier pear-shaped diamonds, was thehighest price of diamonds, Elizabeth Taylor to win, her husband spent $ 1.1 million to buy.

In 7th century, also known as the teardrop-shaped cut (Tear Cut) or cut(Pendloque Cut) bow tie effect. Pear-shaped cut in the France of Louis XIV14 times is very popular, in the historic diamond nearly 20% to use cut,including the world‘s largest diamonds: Cullinan, first (Cul Li Nan 1). Thistype of cutter for machining end corners are damaged or defective anddiamond stone. Set protection get attention when sharp corners. Outlinerequirements: two flanking symmetrical.
Pear-shaped diamonds and celebrity:replica cartier necklace


In 1966, the United States jeweler Harry. Winston bought a 240.80 Carat topdiamond stone, and polished it into almond-like size, weighs 69.42Caratpear-shaped ornament drill. Then he sold the diamonds United States femalebillionaires, Harriet. Lady Ames. Two years later, the Lady diamonds get Su Si than in New York. Parker. Burnet auction houses for sale. Elizabeth Taylor‘s husband Richard. Burton on the pear-shaped decoration diamond tookan interest, he spent $ 1.1 million to buy the diamonds, and named it theElizabeth Taylor diamonds. , He also has bought a former Germany King ofheavy industry Kropp family 33.14 Carat jewelry drill for Yupo.

cartier Diamond

In 1970, Taylor wore the Elizabeth Taylor diamond pendant at the Oscars,captured the second tianquan United States headlines of major newspapers.
Carina LAU wedding ring weighs 12carat, only one in the world, set next to the ring a ring drilled full of expensive gas than before Tony Leung Chiu-Wai in the film Lust, caution, the actress Tang Wei to pigeon eggs alsohad much 6 carats, price is too expensive by 80 million. This wedding ringcost hundreds of millions, but don’t think Tony Leung Chiu-Wai is a waste,since such a diamond could earn than the mansion.
Xia Lousha said diamond probably up twice each year, within not more than 5years or up 1 time times are possible. Return on investment high, jewelryindustry vision the couple, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Carina LAU which cost 140million wedding, is likely to rely on the only wedding rings, can berecovered within a few years.

You have never seen Cartier love necklace series

Cartier love series necklace pictures, Cartier love series necklace pictures and the price, Cartier love series necklace is Cartier love series in a paragraph is by welcomes of jewelry, Cartier love series necklace according to necklace design points single ring, and double ring, and three ring,, also can by whether mosaic diamond points set single drill and more drill style, author for everyone introduced Cartier love series necklace pictures and the price.

Cartier love necklace pictures series, Cartier love series was born in the 70’s of the last century, Cartier is one of the most classic series. Cartier love necklace series has a unique meaning, is the bearer of the unwavering love of the faith, and an exquisite style, may also choose a series Cartier love necklace worn, temperament.

replica cartier love necklace

replica cartier necklace

Cartier love necklace picture and price series, Cartier love collection is asign of the times, so Cartier love necklace series price includes not onlythe price of the necklace itself should also count the value of brand valueand its special meaning, Cartier love necklace price are not too low, zoccaijewelry network to introduce the following three series of Cartier lovenecklace picture and price.


Cartier love necklace series 18K rose Jin Shuanghuan necklace price: 17500 RMB.


Cartier love necklace series 18K gold necklace price: 24500 RMB.


Cartier love series 18K gold necklace white ceramic diamond ring necklaceprice: 37700 RMB.
replica cartier love necklace 18k