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France, Cartier is one of the world’s three-largest jewelry brand

Emperor jewelry France Cartier Cartier is one of the world‘s threelargestjewellery brand, with a Cartier diamond ring is the dream of most women,Cartier diamond ring can meet all requirements and expectations of the womenof jewelry, here we look at the Cartier ring price perhaps!

replica cartier rings

1. Cartier LOVE ring in Platinum with no drilling $ 19800
2. the screw pattern diamond rose gold and gold (18K) is $ 6100
Screw sheath without diamond Platinum (18K) is $ 6750
3.PT950 Platinum is $ 16000
If drilling, plus 20 minutes, probably to add 5000 RMB.

Cartier Trinity 3-Gold Ring important notice

Love, friendship, family passions, has always been the designers from manydifferent angles to interpret the, write the legend of Cartier‘s designer isits unique artistic touch, gives Cartier tricolor gold ring unique destiny,for it to add some other colors.

Cartier Trinity 3-Gold Ring Bigger What would do?

Q: what Cartier tricolor gold ring?


Answer: Tricolor gold ring trouble Ah ~


If you can buy Cartier arrival counters are the best. They will provide thisservice.


If not, go to a large department store, usually has a dedicated localmodifications and cleaning jewelry. This local service more professional.


If not you can also consult the girl behind the counter selling jewelry,they will have a place to help you, not a brand does not matter, in additionto a service charge. But don’t know technology can achieve.


Prices are expensive, small, spent 50 Yuan. More trouble to change the ring,may charge a slightly higher.
cartier rings
Cartier Trinity 3-Gold Ring price
Cartier tricolor gold ring price? General counters, will be more expensiveand prohibitive prices
You can go online to find more affordable
There are many jewelry merchants have similar styles, the price was muchcheaper than shopping to benefit a lot.
Cartier Trinity 3-Gold Ring how to maintain
fake cartier rings
1. avoid direct contact with volatile substances such as perfume, hair spray.
2. do not contact chemicals such as detergents, Nail Polish, etc.
3. remember to remove the jewelry while swimming, in order to avoid contact with water or the water surface after chemical changes that may arise.
4. If after wearing kgold, because dirt and dust contaminate and tarnished,soak in warm water diluted neutral detergent and clean, then dry out then.
5. regularly wipe clean with a cloth to keep kgold sheen on the surface.