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cartier watches About watches Tuning

A lifetime does not require adjustment of watch, clock and watch industry as a whole is a problem. The Cartier innovation research and development team,a 5year period, a fundamental solution to the problem, whether it is amovement or a subsequent stage of Assembly, adjust this process will becomehistory.


Mechanical watch needs adjusting, in one sense, is subject to heritagematerials and lack of precision parts, wristwatches and assembled in theAssembly must be adjusted. Also, because parts of the volume adjusted not only uncertainty but also very complex. Mechanical adjustment of the time,often consumes more than half of the mechanical movement Assembly time.
Cartier‘s new bold in innovation from the semiconductor industry learn fromthe manufacturing process in order to produce precise to meet therequirements of the Micron parts. Cartier shaped carbon ceramic material(Carbon Crystal) manufacture of balance, lightweight and hard, can providestable oscillation frequency. Cartier also try to use glassceramics (z érodur@) this new material spring, with only traditional metal spring one-fourth of weight, micro-Crystal spring ensures that even if the watch is invertical position, effectively keeping the center of gravity, and defygravity. Redesign of the escapement lever and escape wheel, likewise withmaterial from the original carbon Crystal, escape shafts to titanium metal.Because it is extremely precise, Ruby not only eliminates the escapement lever pawl, goes on to avoid future adjustments for these tiny accessories.Meanwhile, in the design of new materials based on the spring, both ends can be fully seated in the escape shaft and the escapement lever, so that theeffective length of the Hairspring and the balance fit together, its ultrahigh accuracy far superior to the Observatory watches.

Queen’s jewels – and Cartier collections

On July 31, 1830, France, Paris. Luyi·Feili Pu accompanied by Lafayette,holding the flag appeared on the balcony of the Royal Palace in Paris. Aweek later, France House called Ponte luyi·Feili ascended the throne,France established a financial asset class rule July dynasty.
In the 1830 of the 19th century France the bourgeois revolution andoverthrew the Bourbon, conservatives finally give way to the wave ofliberalism. France noble power passed without the pursuit of extravagantlife affect their other hand, the rising bourgeoisie came to power, andwealth are showing unprecedented enthusiasm, they pledged their victory flagis gold, jewelry. Tells us of politics, political economy, in the context ofsuch a society, at the time whether it is a continuation of the old classicluxury style jewelers, still stands for fashion new brands have sprung theidea of flourishing. France seemed to make people feel is a just after therevolution the baptism of emerging countries.
Time soon came in 1847, luyi·fulangsuowa Cartier opened jewelry shops tohis name, the name Cartier opened a Centennial of legendary course.
The saying goes, good wine needs no Bush, but Cartier is indeed smartjewelers, he knew lots of importance of product sales. In 1852, Cartier willmove to smaller farms in the vicinity of the Palace of Orleans Street, 5th,for which it became Royal Jeweler has created opportunities.
One day, comes a mystery guest in the shop, she ordered a vintage shell cameo necklace, necklace, this design was soon shown to the presence of theRoyal family. The mystery guest was Countess wuweikeerke, and he is thehusband of Napoleon III‘s Royal Art Director. Later Royal snowflakes oforders into the little-known shops, of which Napoleon I‘s niece PrincessMathilde (Princess Mathilde) became Cartier‘s biggest fan. She is only oneperson in a short span of three years, they have ordered 55 pieces ofjewelry from Cartier. Secret don’t tell a woman in her referral, wife ofNapoleon III, Empress Eugenie was conquered by Cartier to design innovativeproducts quickly. Cartier closely connected with the Royal family.
Famous figures in the history of moving to see Cartier, that she wouldbecome the confidant of the latter. His mother had to give his son a goodeducation environment, at all three of its home and Cartier for the brand tohave a better visibility, and the relocated several times. In the 1860 of the 19th century, large-scale urban planning in Paris, Italy Boulevardbecame one of the city‘s most bustling commercial Street. So Cartier torelocate again at this point, brings all the elite of high society came toParis at the time. To the year 1899, Cartier will move to Paris peace Street, 13th. Subsequently, other Jewelers and numerous fashion boutiqueshave entered this elegant neighborhood, it gradually became Paris, and evenfine jewelry in the World Trade Center and the Holy land.
Starting in 1890, Cartier has gradually formed its own unique style, and inlater years always walk in the forefront of fashion, becoming a veritablefashion trendsetter. By 1890, in the years ahead more than 100 years, by the middle of the 18th century, after Watt‘s improved steam engine, a series oftechnological revolution contributed to the transformation of manual laborto machine great leap. Then the industrial revolution spread across thecontinent. It looks and the jewelry industry totally unrelated events, hasprofoundly affected the culture and art throughout Europe at that time.Industrial railway connects European cities begin, Bud in Paris HauteCouture. Meanwhile, soft flowers, vines, lace, Ribbon and other rich curveshape, became the new favorite for jewelry aesthetics, a born naturalistCartier, gentle grace Garland era opened.
By the beginning of the 20th century, covered with clouds of war over inEurope, the European Community also quickly into the modern industrial era,Cartier‘s third generation of luyi·kadiya new feature design, in line withmodern life style into jewelry design. The leading trend of aestheticsfounders began pouring ingenuity on abstract geometry, and in 1904 to createa diamond diamond and Ruby brooch. Similar styles of jewelry designfollowed, including a 1906 introduced brooch, Sapphire and diamond beauty.Representatives of these modern art and design style of the original, wouldbecome known as the Art Deco, and during the 1920-1939 years, become asource of inspiration for innovative design.
Enter in the thirties or forties of the 20th century, the global financialcrisis has made jewelry design Cartier style change: by publicizing theresplendent colors turn to differentlycut diamond set out a variety ofgeometric shapes, made of Platinum, diamond and rock crystal white art decostyle jewelry return to the classic style. Cartier have been born out inthe color or texture of deliberate confrontation on fruit jar style andmany other classic jewelry styles, always acts as a fashion leader.
Legend brand doomed and legendary characters intersect, two legends in thehistory of women with tales of Cartier has been praised. A lady is Fiona Toussaint, another is the history of the Duke of Windsor Mrs Simpson, Edwardgave up the throne for her.
Du sang who took over in 1933, Fiona Cartier Haute Joaillerie DepartmentDirector, under the auspices of her Cartier images of animals shine in the 1940 of the 20th century. In 1948, Cartier‘s first stereo Leopard-shapedbrooch was born, this proudly standing, eyes fierce Cheetah became Cartier‘sin years to come, spokesperson. Another Simpson, who has a love affairwith Cartier more legendary. She and the Duke of Windsor to write a live action version of the love jiangshanaimeiren the classic story, Cartier asa Royal Jeweler was able to witness to this love. In 1936, the Duke ofWindsor to a Cartier ring jewelry gifts to the Duchess of Windsor, thislegendary love of two people. Subsequently Cartier jewellery, SapphireCheetah brooch women became the legendary favorites. Cartier jewelry hasbecome their token, shining light jewelry bear witness to this great love.
This time around, glitz, Cartier today still write about jewelry fashion new chapter, because in their view they do not jewelry, but art.

Featured high profile fashion watch wrist watch luxury

Can be said to watch is a symbol of a person‘s identity and tastes, so thewatches plays important role. Beauty woman costumes for you to recommendfashion watches, wristluxurious qualities make you high!


Vintage rhinestone decoration watches


Chic retro charm watch, wristband slender, a ring of bright water drillevery tenderness, worn on the wrist, more like a bracelet.
Retro water diamonds and English
Retro water diamonds-English belts female form, elegant design of the shellsurface, especially for the OL.
Simple wind watch
Stereo cutting jelly watches, simple retro-innovative but practical, giftsor for personal use is a good choice.

Pasha de Cartier 42mm high jewellery watches

World leader in the watch Cartier, writing creative passions, proudly captureessence of design, subtle pass technology, portrait of Pasha de Cartier 42mm high jewellery watches is served. This watch to retrieve precious materialsin the world, in the wrist seals to perform a variety of styles, for menelite add grace and decent comeliness qualities.

Pasha de Cartier 42mm

Poet romantic master craftsmanship and jewelry, Cartier and reintroducecheetahs Haute Joaillerie watches with a picture of. This new works of artthe essence of creative fusion of traditional watchmaking and jewellery.Black Onyx and diamond patchwork arrangement, serene Majesty of the cheetahsin a fresh and vivid on the dial, two bright eyes more tourmaline decorationis the show‘s infatuated with the fascinate. Cheetah pattern round Pashaadvanced jewellery watches, leisurely presents elegant and Regal, numeroussplendid diamonds more this spirit added dash of elegance and calm. Inaddition, have a special understanding of the transparent case back cover,place the watch movements give a full account of the internal mechanicalstructure, watch lovers heart beating with excitement with the gearrotation.