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Replica Hermes bracelets Three famous origin of crossing the Equator Pearl

Replica Hermes bracelets Three famous origin of crossing the Equator Pearl

“After the Pearl” South Sea Pearl
If you love pearls, must know all pearls South Sea Pearl is the most valuable species! Follow BAZAARJewelry to know what is the South Sea Pearl!
Natural OR cultured differences
Natural Pearl:
Without any artificial cultivated pearls, is fishing in the waters of human mother picks up a treasure, a very rare and often lustrous cultured pearls than smooth and shining. Real pearls are mostly appear in antique jewelry, because the Pearl farming conditions are not mature, far less stable today.

Cultured Pearl base
Cultured pearls:
See the pearls are cultured pearls from near 99.9%, regardless of sea pearls and freshwater pearls, no matter where from, mostly in natural pearls form in conditions similar to those of the product based on the same principle of artificially propagated. Principle, or whether components are identical to the natural pearls.
Only come from the water, without any artificial cultivated pearls that can be called “natural Pearl”, not on the certificate of identification for all “natural” words are cultured pearls.

Jewelmer Golden South Sea Pearl diamond bracelet
Top Pearl is the South Sea Pearl
South Sea Pearl is the largest all round pearls. The most common 9-14mm of South Sea Pearl, 14mm South Sea Pearl will look with a dime coin the same size (diameter of the dime coin 18mm) and prices significantly higher than average size of South Sea Pearl. Color: white, silver, gold and black. Golden South Sea Pearl is extremely valuable.
Replica Hermes bracelets2

What is South Sea Pearl?
Most common South Sea Pearl has three colors: white, gold and black. Produced by a special large-scale Butterfly Bell.
White South Sea Pearl Bai Diebei production, usually with white background with pink and gold color with Pearl for the top grade.
Gold lip shell produces Golden South Sea Pearl, also referred to as Jin Zhu, to Golden pure noise-free for the top grade.
Black lip shell the produced black South Sea Pearl, also known as blackball, black background with Malachite Green with the pearls are the best choice.
Nanyang what Ocean?
The so-called “Southeast Asia” generally refers to the South Pacific, produced in the Pearl of the South Pacific are referred to as South Sea Pearl. White South Sea Pearl is mainly concentrated in Australia near the waters of the South Pacific, Golden South Sea Pearl is concentrated in the Pacific Ocean in the southern Philippines, while black South Sea Pearl is concentrated in Tahiti, also called Tahitian black pearls.
Stop2, Japan

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Akoya demanding perfect
One Japan old man lasted decades in 1893, produced the first semi-circle seawater cultured pearl, opened the Japan National Pearl of epoch. Unravel the mysteries of Akoya pearls with BAZAAR Jewelry.

Senior jewelry Mikimoto Mikimoto Akoya pearl necklace
Mysterious Akoya from?
Japan Akoya pearls from a called “Ma Bell” oysters, mainly in Japan and a male oriented, Ehime Prefecture, in the vicinity of the Seto Inland Sea, is a kind of saltwater pearls. Akoya pearl Chinese output, producing mainly produced in Guangxi and Guangdong. There are also claims: pearl farming technology to China after many years of practice by the middle of the last century the Japanese invention. Ma babe species was introduced from Beihai, Guangxi last breeding of the Mahalanobis wild shellfish, so a lot of people think that Akoya pearls and South Sea pearls are produced by the same varieties in China.

Tasaki Tasi beautiful Akoya pearl Crown
What kind of pearls called Akoya?
Translucent quality Akoya pearls, gives a soft, hazy beauty, body color with red, green, purple, Brown, black, and other colors, diameter to 3-5mm most 8mm is scarce, are more suitable for investment Collections. Forms are generally round, is also the most ideal shape Pearl. Best round pearls can be used in inclined plane of uniform rolling freely.

Feiliu temptation series Akoya pearl Stud Earrings
3 Pearl nucleus
1. Pearl nucleus is?
Under artificial breeding process, requires foreign stimulates secretion of Mussel Pearl quality, therefore artificial implant Pearl clam body outside the nucleus to form Pearl Pearl quality.
2. What are the Pearl nuclei?
All saltwater pearls are nucleated Pearl clam implanted prior round mother of Pearl or other substance used to stimulate secretion of Mussel Pearl quality.
3. a nuclear nuclear-free distinction?
Seedless pearls freshwater pearls, is implanted in clam clam soft tissues to stimulate the secretion of Pearl quality, freshwater zhenzhuzhu thick, thin and the water zhenzhuzhu. Pearl powder is used, such as brightness, is bad, not as a freshwater pearl jewelry processing rolled into a powder. Seawater Pearl because of the nuclear, so rolled in addition to Pearl quality mother of Pearl powder, it is generally not used to make tapioca.
Stop3, Zhuji, Zhejiang

Gentle pride of China freshwater pearls
Pearl’s most representative of Chinese woman’s gentle, freshwater pearls are not only favorite of the first lady, even more friends as gifts the world’s treasures. 95% of the world’s freshwater pearls are produced in China, about 2000 tons of annual production, is the pride of Chinese people and proud of it!
What exactly is fresh water?
Freshwater lakes here, in Lake Pearl output is called “freshwater”. China is the world’s largest exporter of fresh water pearls, exit 95% of the world’s freshwater pearls. Zhuji, Zhejiang, China has “Township of the Chinese freshwater pearls” in the world, is home to one of China’s five major beauty Xi Shi. In addition, Wuhu and xuancheng, Anhui, Jiangsu wuxian also has Freshwater Pearl output. At present, the use of fresh water pearls of hyriopsis cumingii, almost as long as there is a Lake can be cultured freshwater pearls.

Ruans Pearl Ruan Shi Sheng series tri-colored Freshwater Pearl brooch
Colorful is the fresh water Pearl
Freshwater pearls are usually 9-10MM are more common and can be up to 15-17mm, of course, so large and extremely valuable.
Though not as good as seawater pearls round very large, oval or irregularly-shaped, though in the colors of colored Freshwater Pearl, pink, purple, very popular with Chinese women’s favorite. Production, and so is a Pearl of most people.

Ruans Pearl Ruan Shi Queen’s Garden series Pearl Necklace
Pearl you choose?
–Look in a mirror gloss
With pearls at her face, if fully reflects your face tells of a Pearl of Pearl high brightness, and look carefully at the surface is pitted or fold.
Go–see the color of the Pearl
Rotating pearls will show different colors as the light changes, white pearls to bring better pink iridescence, black pearls with a sea of green, purple or blue iridescence of the most popular.
Roll the Pearl–see the roundness
No inclined plane, uniform pearls can freely scroll Pearl roundness good.
Pearl maintenance must know the sticker
Pearl Jewelry is the most vulnerable, hardness and acid and alkaline are very weak, and therefore must be carefully protected.
1. anti-hard scratch: Pearl is soft, it is prone to scratches.
2. far from cosmetics and oil: Pearl is a calcium carbonate, so most afraid of oily cosmetics adhesion and corrosion.
3. bathe, swim must be picked: calcium carbonate acid will corrode, so be careful.
4. dry cloth: pick a day when wipe clean with a dry cloth and then put in your jewelry box, avoiding sweat corrosion.

Pasha de Cartier 42mm high jewellery watches

World leader in the watch Cartier, writing creative passions, proudly captureessence of design, subtle pass technology, portrait of Pasha de Cartier 42mm high jewellery watches is served. This watch to retrieve precious materialsin the world, in the wrist seals to perform a variety of styles, for menelite add grace and decent comeliness qualities.

Pasha de Cartier 42mm

Poet romantic master craftsmanship and jewelry, Cartier and reintroducecheetahs Haute Joaillerie watches with a picture of. This new works of artthe essence of creative fusion of traditional watchmaking and jewellery.Black Onyx and diamond patchwork arrangement, serene Majesty of the cheetahsin a fresh and vivid on the dial, two bright eyes more tourmaline decorationis the show‘s infatuated with the fascinate. Cheetah pattern round Pashaadvanced jewellery watches, leisurely presents elegant and Regal, numeroussplendid diamonds more this spirit added dash of elegance and calm. Inaddition, have a special understanding of the transparent case back cover,place the watch movements give a full account of the internal mechanicalstructure, watch lovers heart beating with excitement with the gearrotation.