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Caglia jewelry how is joining

Cartier has become one of the world‘s most prestigious ring, and Cartier‘sinspirations and branding. Respectively, rose gold, Platinum and gold fromthe tricyclic intertwine with each other, impact and trends of the times,personal style and status symbol. Threering closely marked Cartier, perfectinterpretation of the essence of the brand, like simple and gentle while friendship, symbolizes the generations of the future, showing on the ring finger of the AU, an engraved with strange and mysterious fantasy with a newseries of lasting forever, created extreme sensuality. Raised on the back,but positive exceptionally smooth, let ring connected with each other,passing each other on the twinkling in the metal surface.

Cartier jewelry business advantages:


Strength advantage over more than 10 jewelry OEM factory annual output valueof over 3 billion yuan.


Price: market offers 40%60%, in OEM factory direct showrooms to see goods,delivery! Save store expensive rent, omitting intermediary wholesale link.


Quality advantages: the sale of each piece of diamond jewelry are equippedwith inspection (State gemstone quality supervision and inspection center)inspection certificate of authority.


Design advantage: month month new! Published more than more than 10 jewelryOEM factory, several top jewelry designers at home and abroad works indifferent styles to meet the diverse needs of different customers.


VIP custom advantage: according to customer requirements, and by designerteam specializes in personalized jewelry style, enjoy the premium service!

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Caglia jewelry business processes:


1, investment advice: investors by telephone, fax, Internet mail, toprofessional consultation on matters related to cooperation at Headquarters,for further information.


2, field trips: headquarters of the investors to the project review, andbusiness communications with the headquarters staff.


3, eligibility: headquarters to audit investors. Qualification confirmedinvestors cooperation.


4 and sign the contract: the parties confirm findings uncontested,officially signed the contract.


5, pay investors according to the type of investments you select pay relatedfees to Headquarters.


6, headquarters training headquarters technical training of investors,issued after passing the training authorization bronze medal.


7, shop decoration: decoration Guide provided by the headquarters in orderto join, and design guidance.


8, opening: Headquarters continue to concern the operation of the franchiseand operating guidance and assistance should be given.

International jewelry brands ranking, how to pick your jewelry?

More dazzling jewelry, the more attention-grabbing, not only that, but its quality is better. Jewelry best-known feature is among the reasons people like. Jewelry from a woman’s attraction is hardly sufficient. Jewelry and women’s significance goes far beyond beautiful.

I. Cartier

This United Kingdom King Edward VII as the “Emperor’s Jewelers, jeweler’s Emperor,” the famous brand, in more than 150 years, has created many works of alluring beauty.

II. Tiffany

On September 18, 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany 1000 dollar loans as capital, on Broadway in New York City, No. 259 Tiffany&Young, opened a stationery and daily boutique. “Classic” has become synonymous with TIFFANY, because there are already too many people proud to wear TIFFANY jewelry, that’s history since the development of shared deposits.


United States the strong background of the NASDAQ-listed company let ENZO brand has the ability to make your dreams come true, by virtue of the disruptive leap in the diamond processing, international Super designers fusion pioneers ancient auspicious designs, ENZO88 worthy to become one of the most emotional periods of shiny emblems!

IV. Occitan

This “Greece goddess” can wear from every season of Europe’s top designers tailored to her “new clothes”. 925 Silver materials, embellished with South Africa, South America, natural stone, semi precious stones, synthetic stones and odd for Swarovski Crystal, filled with elegant and stylish. “She” is supporting the design and production of all of the products, both rings, earrings and necklaces, after the designer of the perfect match, making their unique display of maximum quality. Occitan is an internationally recognized fashion jewelry brand, 100% of European hand-made, beautifully created each product with a unique, outstanding quality and design, and each owned a fashion Lady.


V. Bao poems long

A 150-year reputation of France famous advanced timing and Boucheron jewellery brand bachelor has been in fashion on the Bund, 18th opened the magnificent curtain. As GUCCI (a 85 percent, the minimum 3830) Group’s top jewelry brand, was founded in 1858 by Boucheron, due to its perfect cutting technology and the quality of gem quality known around the world, is a leader in the jewelry industry, luxury …

How to select for your jewelry?

1. Taking into account its own economic strength.

2. Wear jewelry should not be overly pompous, uphold the principle of simple and generous selection of jewelry.

3. With their clothes, careers, events attended by match.


How to maintenance of your jewelry?

1. At the time of exercise or do heavy work, do not wear jewelry, so as to avoid irreparable damage caused by collision. Even in everyday use, and take care to avoid wear and shock or damage even if it is the most comfortable to wear jewels.

2. When storing jewelry, the jewelry store in a box or a soft cloth, and other jewelry and they do not touch each other. Most gemstones harder than gold, silver or Platinum, if not separated, the surface may scratch other jewelry.

3. When you wear jewelry, attention should be checked once a month. If there is a loose mosaic phenomenon, should be repaired in a timely manner.

4. After grooming and makeup wear jewelry, which can avoid spraying damaged jewelry or cosmetics so as to maintain its color.

5. Jewelry, stained with grease and sweat secreted by the body, light will disappear. Therefore, if you frequently wear should deal with once a month.

6. Professional nursing: normal wear and eventually pulls jewelry paw and other metal parts loose. Therefore, every six months to the jewelry shop licensed jewelry is a good way to check for you. If necessary, professionals can repair and the shank of the ring, a necklace of buckles, rings and deformation of plastic. When professionals handle your jewelry, your jewelry professionally cleaned, if gems damaged in day-to-day wear and also according to your request to rebuild gem polishing.


Jewelry is beautiful, but only the match can give you extra points, and comes out of a burden. World famous jewelry trademark is all well and good, but combined with the pursuit of their own economic strength.