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Dennison getting over $400k to stabilize road after slip

| July 1, 2024
In this aerial photo provided by Drone Guy Mike Lawver, officials survey the damage after heaving flooding causes the ground to slip beneath part of Stillwater Avenue in Dennison. For more bird's eye views of Tuscarawas County happenings, check out The Drone Guy Facebook page.

DENNISON (WJER) (July 1, 2024) – Village leaders are making plans to stabilize the part of Stillwater Avenue where heavy rainfall caused the ground to slip toward the creek.

During the June 19th council meeting, members approved the engineering agreement and a contract for geotechnical exploration services. Mayor Greg DiDonato says the village is getting an emergency grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission and money from an ODOT program to pay for all but about $10,000 of the project that’s anticipated to cost around $430,000. 

“As you know, we had a serious slip on state Route 800 but it’s in town on Stillwater Avenue. It’s been determined that it’s the village’s responsibility but we’ve had cooperation with ODOT in the support of it, which I think has helped elevate it to be able to get some assistance.” 

He says they’ll know more once the core samples reveal what’s beneath the surface, probably within the next four to six weeks.

“And once we get the information from the samples, then it will give us maybe a better way or an idea of what we really gotta do. I mean, there’s a thought of what we’re gonna do right now but we need to clearly be sure once we start that so we’re not running into something that we didn’t expect.” 

DiDonato says if all goes well, the project should go out to bid toward the end of the year and begin early next spring.

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