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Lost & Found

Lost cat – New Philadelphia
Lost on 08/10/22

Lost or Found Date: 2022-08-09

Lost or Found?: Lost

Pet Name: Sweden

Description: White and gray cat with blue eyes. Petite, 6 yrs old, indoor cat. All white with gray markings.

Last seen location: 3rd St SW and Hilan Ave SW

Phone: 330-365-7046

Lost cat – Bolivar
Lost on 08/02/22

Owen went missing on August 1st from Ridge Road in Bolivar. He is neutered brown Tabby. Long and lean. He is age 14. If you see him please call 330-440-8091.

Found kitten – New Philadelphia
Found on 07/25/22

A very small, friendly Calico kitten has been found at 500 North Broadway. If you know where she belongs, please call 330-343-9557.

Found cat – Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds
Found on 07/18/22

Someone found a cat near the entrance of the Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds on Thursday, July 14th. The cat is a grey male with white fur on its chest and paws. He is very friendly. Please call 330-343-9176.

Lost cat – Bolivar
Lost on 07/06/22

Bijou (Beezhoo) is a male, grey and white Tuxedo cat. He is fixed and about 6 years old. He went missing on July 5th from Buehler Road NE in Bolivar. If you see him please call 330-806-3716.

Lost eye glasses – Dover
Lost on 07/01/22

A pair of eye glasses are missing from Dover. They are Prada brand and are tortoise shell print with green. They were lost around the Reeves and Shafer area or possibly around the Union Hospital area on Friday, July 1st. Please call 330-364-8899 if you find them.

Found on 06/27/22

Corgi, small, black with white and brown, found on Cottage Road in Berlin. He was taken to the Tuscarawas County Humane Society.

Found on 06/14/22

Women’s prescription glasses, found on 2/3/22 during the Stone Creek Community Garage Sales, call 330-340-6353

Found on 06/10/22

Male, orange and white fur, white feet, very friendly, found on the corner of W. High Avenue and 4th Street in New Philadelphia on 6/9/22, call 330-339-1680 or email

Lost on 05/24/22

Male long-haired Tabby, named “Simba,” about a year old, neutered, very friendly, has all his claws, lost in the area of Moravian Trail near Feed Springs in the Tappan Lake area on 5/20/22, call 330-691-0746

    If you've lost or found something, we'll announce it during our Lost & Found report as well as post it here on the Lost & Found page. Include the pet's gender, age, weight, breed, color and any special markings if possible. When describing a found pet, it's often recommended to leave out one identifying characteristic and ask the person who finds your pet to describe it.

    If you are reporting more than one lost pet, please use a separate form for each one.