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Dover plastic surgeon has license permanently revoked

| June 13, 2024
Dr. David Hartman of Dover addresses the State Medical Board of Ohio during a Wednesday hearing that concluded with his license being revoked

COLUMBUS (WJER) (June 13, 2024)  – The State Medical Board of Ohio has now permanently revoked the license of Dover ENT physician-turned-plastic surgeon Dr. David Hartman after originally suspending his license a year ago.

Board members at Wednesday’s hearing pointed to the numerous allegations against Hartman stemming from 13 patients.

Accusations included sexual misconduct, sloppy record keeping, displaying unprofessional behavior in social media videos, and not being properly trained to perform cosmetic procedures that resulted in harm.

Hartman unsuccessfully asked to be allowed to return as a practicing ears, nose, and throat specialist. He apologized for some of the accusations but adamantly denied others, such as the sexual misconduct claims.

Hartman was also fined $4,500.

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