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Local mosquito control efforts ramping up

| July 1, 2024

DOVER (WJER) (July 1, 2024) – Residents of Roswell and the unincorporated areas outside of New Philadelphia should see fewer mosquitoes buzzing around at their Fourth of July gatherings.

Technicians from the Tuscarawas County Health Department will be spraying around sundown tonight in Goshen and Fairfield Township. Environmental Health Director Mike Kopko says the operation is/was their first this summer and is due to high trap counts in that area. 

“We certainly hope it helps because it seems to be a very high number of mosquitoes early on this season.”

Up to this point, the agency’s seasonal mosquito control efforts have focused on treating potential breeding grounds. 

“We have been conducting what is called larviciding, so the goal there is to reduce the population of mosquito larva that exists in standing water, and we use a product that kills those larvae before they hatch into adult mosquitoes.”

Also tonight, the New Philadelphia Health Department is spraying for mosquitoes in Tuscora Park ahead of this year’s First Town Days Festival. That kicks off Thursday and runs through Saturday.

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