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Gary Petricola

Since its inception in 1950 through March of 2020, WJER was lead by only two owners, one of whom was Gary A. Petricola. After his purchase of the station from the Greer family in 1977, Gary was deeply involved in community activities of all kinds! Gary was quite proud of his staff here at WJER, and of their involvement in the community as well. Gary always said it’s an honor to own and operate an independent radio station in the age of corporate radio. WJER is unique with its historic ties to Tuscarawas County, having been started by Agnes Reeves Greer, and named for her father, W/Jeremiah E. Reeves.

Gary passed away in March of 2020 while awaiting a liver transplant in a Florida hospital. Gary battled a genetic disease known as Alpha-1 for many years. Gary is remembered for his love of his community, this radio station, and the people who worked with him through the years.