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Laurel Quillen

Born in Japan, Laurel traveled the globe (boldly going where millions of Navy “B.R.A.T.s” have gone before) and discovered at a young age that no matter where you are in the world, you can always turn on the radio and be “home.” She began her broadcasting career at age 15 in the radio and TV studios of the Armed Forces Caribbean Network in Ceiba, Puerto Rico.  Laurel came to work for WJER in 1997 after graduating from Marietta College in Ohio with previous experience from a variety of stations in the eastern U.S. Laurel is a “Jackie of All Trades” for WJER, lending her span of creative talents from announcing to contest and event promotions.

Laurel resides in Dover with her husband and kids. She also shares her home with cats Jack-Morris, Molly Cinnamon, Lunar, and dogs Greta & Moka. Laurel is a big fan of the “oldies-but-goodies,” including music on vinyl and 8-track, old movies, retro TV, and classic cars (because they just don’t make them like they used to!).