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14-year-old dies after mishap on family’s farm

| November 27, 2023

BUCKS TOWNSHIP (WJER) (Nov. 27, 2023) – Authorities are investigating the death of a teen in what appears to have been an unfortunate accident. 

Relatives called 911 just before 7 o’clock Saturday evening after finding the 14-year-old stuck inside a makeshift grain chute. Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Captain Adam Fisher is leading the probe, which he says is standard procedure anytime a juvenile dies.

“Just to make sure that nothing is suspicious in any way, shape, or form and that the death is, in fact, an accident.”

The teen was known to squeeze through the chute while completing chores at his family’s farm on Angel Valley Road Southwest but tried it that evening while wearing a bulky fireman’s jacket. 

“It was described to me on one occasion that a lot of the juvenile’s family is part of the fire department and that they run with the local fire department as part of their job so I could only assume that the jackets were probably lying around the house from one of those family members.”

Emergency personnel responded and attempted life-saving measures but were unsuccessful. Fisher says there’s no indication of foul play, and it appears the teen died from asphyxiation.


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