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56-year-old dies after falling from Dover Dam overlook

| June 20, 2022

FAIRFIELD TWP (WJER) (June 20, 2022) – The Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after an Orville man plummeted to his death at the Dover Dam Sunday afternoon.

Detective Lieutenant Adam Fisher says it appears the victim, 56-year-old Walter Rogers, had been trying to retrieve some coins from a ledge.

“Upon further investigation, it appears that the male actually climbed over the security-type railing and then ultimately lost his footing and fell approximately 51 feet from the observation deck to the bottom where he did strike his head on a concrete surface.”

A woman who was visiting the dam with Rogers reported the accident around 2:45 pm. Fisher says he succumbed to his injuries prior to deputies’ arrival.

“The coroner’s office was contacted at the time of the incident, and they are involved in the investigation.”

Fisher said they would be looking into the incident a bit further, although the was no indication that it was anything other than a tragic mishap.

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