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ALDI planning grocery store for Dover’s north end; neighbors object

| November 7, 2023
A picture of an ALDI store from the national retail chain's website.

DOVER – ALDI wants to build a grocery store on the north side of city.

Dover First Christian Church at 3029 North Wooster Avenue has agreed to sell ALDI some land.

Some nearby residents though aren’t on board with the plans.

Several Jessica Drive and Northwood Drive residents attended Monday’s City Council meeting to express concerns and ask for help.

“Wooster Avenue is very busy as it is. We have safety concerns,” said Gloria Miller. “We’re concerned about our property values, because this ALDI will literally be in our back yard.”

ALDI representatives at the meeting said they’re not ready to talk about any details.

Dover officials say the national retail chain hasn’t approached the city with any proposals.

The property is zoned residential. Company officials would have to go through a series of public meetings and approvals before they could build.

Dover First Christian Church recently sent letters to Jessica Drive residents informing them of the church’s intent to sell the 2.4-acre property that’s just north of the church. It says church leaders were initially opposed, but after much prayer and conversation decided they could use the resources to better serve the community and help those in need.

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