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Area under excessive heat advisory until 9 pm

| June 15, 2022

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (June 15, 2022) – The city’s health commissioner is urging people to postpone non-essential outdoor activities during this heatwave.

Vicki Ionno says your yard work can wait.

“Because this is a serious thing when there is a heat warning sent out from the National Weather Service, and we want to make sure people are heeding that. Don’t overwork. Don’t work in the heat of the day, outdoors especially, and find ways to drink and stay cool.”

She says if you can’t avoid spending time outside, drink plenty of water, try to remain in the shade as much as possible, and listen to your body.

“You can quickly in this type of heat get into serious trouble for your health. You can start to dehydrate. You run out of fluids to basically run your body, and it can cause you to have a heat stroke or heat exhaustion, and both of those things can send you to the hospital.”

The heat warning remains in effect until 9 pm Wednesday. Ionno says there are places you can go for a few hours to cool off if you don’t have air conditioning at home including the mall and your local library.

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