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Stray cat feeding ban proposed in Strasburg

| January 2, 2024

STRASBURG (WJER) (Jan. 2, 2024) – Tuscarawas County TNR Project leaders are planning a return visit to Village Hall to express their opposition to a proposed feeding ban.

Marilyn Grafe and Sarah Keplinger made it clear during the September 12th council meeting that the group can only help with the village’s stray cat issues if volunteers are permitted to feed them.

“It’s not right for us to put all of the effort and the time into doing this for someone and then for the city to say you can’t feed them anymore, so we’re not going to go into a situation where that’s going to happen,” Keplinger explained. “It’s cruel, and we’re not going to do it.”

“We’re all in the boat together. Everybody has to row in the same direction and the program works,” Grafe added.

Council is now considering a proposal that would make it a fourth-degree felony to feed stray cats on public property and within 100 feet of any private residence. Solicitor Terry Seeberger copied the ordinance North Olmstead enacted last year and introduced it for a first reading during the December 19th council meeting.

“I suggest that council over the next couple of meetings consider whether this is what they want or something different.” 

Strasburg Council is meeting again tonight at 6 pm. The TNR Project shared the proposed ban on their Facebook page and has been encouraging supporters to join them in opposing it this evening. 

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