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Catalytic convertor thieves strike after sunrise

| May 16, 2023

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (May 16, 2023) – The New Philadelphia High Patrol Post is investigating the theft of a catalytic converter in broad daylight this morning from the Park and Ride at West High and Route 39.

Trooper Travis Atkins says someone who works nearby spotted the thieves in the act just after 8 am and called New Philadelphia Police, who then contacted the patrol. 

“Described as a large white male with a black hoodie and a female. The male had a large backpack but both suspects were gone when I arrived and it was just the vehicle that they were cutting the catalytic converter off of… I’m only aware of the one vehicle that was involved at this time. That was the only one that was reported and the only one I found.”

Atkins says while rare for the post, other law enforcement agencies in the county have been seeing more and more catalytic converter thefts, although the thieves are rarely brazen enough to strike during the daytime.

“I would suggest parking vehicles in populated vehicles. Take your keys with you. Make sure it’s locked up, and don’t keep vehicles there for an extended period of time.”

The suspects in the one at the Park and Ride were last seen walking along Route 39 toward Dover, although troopers and New Philadelphia Police searched the area and couldn’t find them. Atkins has been trying to track down surveillance video from the area.  

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