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Chief says plan for 24-7 coverage in village, township still a go

| April 6, 2022
Strasburg Mayor Steve Smith administers the oath of office to Fire Chief Steven Laskey. (WJER Radio)

STRASBURG (WJER) (April 6, 2022) – The Strasburg Fire Department’s new leader says 24-7 fire and EMS protection will begin May 1st despite the legal hurdles that are delaying renovations to the station.

Chief Steven Laskey says he has a backup plan if they’re unable to secure the permits needed to transform the station’s social hall into a dormitory by then.

“That won’t delay us.. If we have to we’re gonna rent a trailer to sleep in for the time being but as of May 1st we’ll definitely be going 24-hours with all part-time employees.”

Laskey has been leading the department since March 1st although he wasn’t officially sworn in until Tuesday evening. Mayor Steve Smith says the delay was intentional.

“We were basically waiting for some of the hoopla to die down. Bottom line. We tried to clear the air a little bit and this was an appropriate time to get him on board.”

Laskey since stepping into the role has expanded weekday coverage by three hours in the evening and added weekend shifts. He says the transition has been going smoother than expected.

“The department is very happy. Their morale is up. Everybody is on board with it moving forward, and things are progressing just like I thought they would.”  

Smith sat on the committee that recommended Laskey over six other interviewees, including former chief Andy Slemmer. He says he’s pleased with his performance so far.

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