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Claymont leaders delay vote on school expansion proposals

| February 16, 2022

DENNISON (WJER) (Feb. 15, 2022) – The Claymont board of education is waiting until March to decide whether to use COVID relief money to expand one of the district’s buildings and close another.

The board is considering using up to $3.5-million to expand either the elementary or high school and consolidate from five buildings to four. Members continued to discuss the options during their meeting Monday evening but didn’t call a vote since several of the recent joiners were still undecided. Vice-President Lois Grandison anticipates a decision being made when the board reconvenes on March 14th. 

“We are on a timeline because of the stipulations of the government for the funds, so the decision will be soon and we have it up for board discussion again tonight so hopefully we can get it on maybe next month’s [agenda].”

Aaron Cottell was the board’s president when members voted to switch to a grade-level based building configuration six years ago. He’s glad they’re taking a different approach with this decision.

“The day after the Super Bowl we had a forum out at the high school, and I believe we already had our decision made. Right now, we do not have a decision made, so hearing more information from the community is what I want.” 

The board has scheduled a public forum for March 10th at 5 pm in the high school cafeteria to give community members another chance to share their thoughts on the district’s expansion and consolidation options.

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