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Claymont officials decide not to close any schools

| March 16, 2022
Claymont officials say the Trenton Avenue building will house first and second grade next year. Preschool and kindergarten will be at the building on Eastport Avenue. Grades three through five will be in the intermediate building.

UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) (March 16, 2022) – Claymont school officials have decided they are not going to close or add onto their buildings.

Instead, they will realign the buildings and use more than $4 million dollars in COVID relief funds to upgrade roofs and H-VAC units. Superintendent Brian Rentsch says they made the decision in response to months of community input.

“The major thing [we heard] through our survey was put the money back in the buildings to … keep them open,” Rentsch said.

Officials had considered closing a building and expanding either the elementary school or the high school.

The alignment next year will be preschool and kindergarten together in the Eastport Avenue building, grades one and two in the Trenton Avenue building and grades three through five in the intermediate building. There are no changes at the middle school and high school.

Rentsch says the School Board listened to the comments of community members.

“[They said] that the preschool needs more space and [there is] a lack of restrooms,” he said. “The building that’s currently the elementary at Eastport by the stadium does have a little more restroom space. It is more of a primary style building.”

Rentsch says the moving process will take place over the summer.

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