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Deadline to register for the first of two primaries tonight

| April 4, 2022

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (April 4, 2022) – The local elections office is staying open late to register voters for the primary, which will consist of two elections due to the ongoing dispute over the Ohio Redistricting Commission’s legislative map proposals.

Tuscarawas County Board of Elections Director Gail Garbrandt says their office on the first floor of the county courthouse will be open until 9 pm, which is the deadline to register and update your information if your name or address has changed since the last time you voted. 

“You can come in the Ashwood Lane door, and we’ll have a deputy there. It’s usually not open to the public but it will be open after 4:30 today, so we encourage people to come in.” 

That’s for the May 3rd election, which will include all but the state House and Senate races and contests for both parties’ state central committee chairpeople.

“The May primary, people are going to vote for the statewide officeholders; they’re going to vote in the U.S. Senate race; they’re going to vote for Congressional candidates; and they’re going to vote for the county auditor, there is a Common Pleas Court judge and there are two county commissioners seats up as well as the county central committee people.” 

Early voting for that election then begins at the courthouse tomorrow. Garbrandt says voters can stop by to cast a ballot on weekdays between 8 and 5 for the next three weeks, with some additional evening and weekend hours as election day approaches.

“That last week, the hours extend to 7 pm, and the week before the election we are open Saturday 8 to 4 and Sunday 1 to 5.” 

She says they don’t yet know if there will be an additional registration period for the second primary or when that election will occur.

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