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Dennison council approves seasonal ice rink proposal

| March 16, 2023

DENNISON (WJER) (March 16, 2023) – That seasonal ice-skating rink village officials have been talking about building is now a sure thing.

Council got the ball rolling Wednesday evening, approving a revised construction quote for just under $112,000 at the recommendation of Mayor Greg DiDonato.

“If I get the heads up we’re gonna do it, they’re going to get all that done before the Railroad Festival, before the weddings and everything. They’re gonna start on that project. They’re gonna get that cement floor in. That way it give it plenty of time to cure and all that gravel will be done and it’ll all be cleaned up. I just think that if we’re gonna move forward with this, why not get it done now.”  

The village is getting $30,000 from the Reeves Foundation that officials are putting toward the down payment. DiDonato says he’s already sold $35,000 worth of banners and expects one-year advertisements to bring in another $5,000 to $10,000. 

“I’m confident – and we do have a couple more foundations – but at the rate we’re going, we could have this paid off by year end.” 

The rink will go on the corner of Grant and Fourth, next to the gazebo. It will be built, operated, and managed by the company that opened one in Cambridge last winter. DiDonato hopes to have it ready for people to skate on in November. 

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