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Dennison council authorizes TNR program to address stray cat population

| March 21, 2022
Dennison Council on Thursday approved legislation allowing designated volunteers to trap stray felines, have them spayed or neutered, and return them to their colonies. (Stock photo)

DENNISON (WJER) (March 21, 2022) – After gathering more information, Dennison officials are ready to move forward with a plan to have volunteers help manage the town’s stray cat population.

Council last week approved an ordinance allowing designated individuals to operate a TNR program in the village. Mayor Greg DiDonato recommended passage of the legislation, which members began considering last summer and later put on hold.

“They had a few questions to ask, but we might as well go and do it, that way we can get back to some of the people who indicated that they had maybe an interest in doing that, helping out with that.”  

He says it will be similar to other T-N-R programs in the area where volunteers trap the cats, have them spayed or neutered, and return them to their colonies.

“The theory of this is it will reduce the smell. That ends a lot of that. Secondly, it reduces all of the noise… but in time it will reduce the population.”

The Tuscarawas County TNR Project has been overseeing the stray cat management programs in Dover and New Philadelphia and has offered to train the volunteers who will be running the one in Dennison.

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