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Dennison making plans to repave several downtown alleys

| February 28, 2022

DENNISON (WJER) (Feb. 28, 2022) – Village officials are getting another estimate to resurface some of the alleys downtown this year.

Mayor Greg DiDonato says the ones they’re looking at are by CVS, around the girls’ softball fields, and behind the village’s Grant Street headquarters.  

“I don’t know when that got paved and I don’t know who wasn’t paying attention, but we have three drains in the alley and none of the water runs to it and we have a lake there all of the time. With our new garage and we also have the Yard; we have the hardware [store], we have Twin City Water and Sewer; that’s where the new brewery is going to open. That alley is one of the most heavily used commercial alleys that we have.”

He says it’s going to be about $60,000 to have them smoothed out through the countywide paving program, so they’re seeing what it would cost to have the work completed by Newton Asphalt, which may be able to get started on it sooner.    

“If it’s only a few thousand above, which we could just go out directly if we get the price, we could do it ourselves and avoid the bidding and maybe get it scheduled to be done in May. Ideally, if we can get it done in May, why should we waste any our money fixing them up and patching them up? Why throw a couple of thousand dollars away.”

DiDonato says they’re also having Grant Street ground down and resurfaced between the bridge and North Fourth as part of a nearly half-million-dollar storm sewer replacement project. The village received a $440,000 grant for that work and will be using Rescue Plan money to cover the $50,000 match.

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