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DeWine visits Buckeye Career Center

| September 19, 2022
Governor Mike DeWine poses for a photo with the Buckeye Construction Technology students who've been building this house on Brookside Drive. (Buckeye Career Center)

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (Sept. 19, 2022) – Ohio’s governor spent the afternoon learning about Buckeye Career Center and its programs.

Mike DeWine’s visit included a trip to the site of the next student-built Buckeye House and the career center’s new utility lineworker lab.  

“Looked up at the pole and you got young people up there learning to be linemen. And you know, this is a job that is not for everybody but it’s a job that these young people seemed to be enjoying and learning a lot,” DeWine said. “And there’s a great pathway for them. There’s a great demand.”

The governor also sat down with officials from Buckeye, Kent State Tuscarawas, and area businesses to discuss the community’s employment and educational needs. One of the participants was MWCD Executive Director Craig Butler, who wanted to see more done to encourage kids to pursue careers in law enforcement. 

“It’s not necessarily the pay or the funding. It’s just the stigma that’s around the profession these days that people are moving out of it into droves and continuing to find ways to entice people into that really honorable profession.” 

Superintendent Bob Alsept was grateful for the chance to show DeWine and his administration what Buckeye has to offer. 

“I want them to see ‘Here’s where your money’s going. This is what your support allows us to do’ but I also want them to know that, hey, please continue to send the message that career-tech is a great option.”

DeWine is running for re-election against Democrat Nan Whaley in November but didn’t mention the race during his visit.

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