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Dominion replacing gas lines on Dover’s north end

| March 14, 2023
Dover residents will continue to see spray paint on their streets and sidewalks as the utilities mark the underground utilities to make sure contractors don’t hit them when they're digging. Blue is water, yellow is sewer, green is gas, and red is electric.

DOVER (WJER) (March 6, 2023) – Dominion Energy is replacing more than two miles of older steel gas utility lines with corrosion-resistant plastic lines on the north side of the city.

That work started in early March and is expected to continue until September in the neighborhoods around North Wooster Avenue, Dover Avenue, and North Walnut Street between West 23rd and West 17th.

Dover Service Director Dave Douglas says Dominion has done this work in other parts of the city in the past. He says it tends to tear up the curb strips, but he has confidence in Dominion.

“They’ve been pretty good to work with. They’ve had good contractors, but there’s a lot of restoration involved because it does get into the streets and the curb strips.”

Dominion’s Pipeline Infrastructure Replacement program started in 2008. The company is replacing more than 55-hundred miles of gas utility lines throughout its system.

Dover residents in recent months have grown accustomed to utility companies digging in the right-of-way. Multiple Internet providers have been burying fiber optic cables in the city.

City officials say those companies are still digging in some areas and are starting to connect customers.

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