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Dover city, schools to split $14 million from new manufacturing facility

| March 6, 2024
The property along North Wooster Avenue was eyed for industrial and retail development back in October 2022.

DOVER (WJER) (March 6, 2024) – The $230 million manufacturing facility proposed for the north side of Dover found no opposition at this week’s City Council meeting and appears on track for a summer groundbreaking.

Council Monday unanimously approved a tax-sharing agreement with the school district – where they will split $14 million in income tax revenue over 30 years. That’s what Mayor Shane Gunnoe says is estimated to come in from the new Schaeffler plant in the works on the north side of the city. The facility would make components for hybrid and electric vehicles.

“So you’re going to have Phase 1 that will break ground this summer. Then you’re going to have completion of Phase 1. Not long after that I would expect them to start Phase 2 which is  basically another expansion of probably at least a doubling of their facilities.”

Initially, the plant will add 450 jobs and $27 million in payroll. Gunnoe says that would put Schaeffler has a top five employer in the county. He says the city has already had inquiries from people looking for jobs there.

Gunnoe says the 53 acres off North Wooster Avenue at the Parral border are already zoned for manufacturing. There are already connections in place for city utilities, including water, sewer, and electricity.

He says the school district would get about $200,000 annually from the tax-sharing deal. Right now the property generates $550 a year for the schools.

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