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Dover Council gives final OK to 30-home Crimson Cove subdivision

| July 8, 2024

DOVER (WJER) (July 8, 2024) – City Council has approved the final plat for the Crimson Cove subdivision clearing the way for the construction of 30 homes in northeast Dover.

Mayor Shane Gunnoe says Lawver homes has passed all the necessary steps in the city’s approval process.

The developer would like to begin construction work this summer.

Crimson will be off East Ohio Avenue just inside the city limits. Since its proposal, residents nearby and downstream of the Goettge Run stream have expressed concerns about flooding. Those questions continued at a public hearing last week.

Gunnoe said he and Council members were satisfied with the report of their hired hydrologist Michael Shore, who said the development will not create new flood problems downstream. He says the issue is bigger than Crimson Cove, as Goettge Run is part of a 5,000-acre watershed.

Gunnoe says the city will retain the stormwater engineer to look at other flooding issues along the stream.

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