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Dover Council President applies for interim mayor job

| May 9, 2022
Judge Adam Wilgus swears in Shane Gunnoe as Dover City Council President Jan. 3. Wilgus is conducting the search for Dover's interim mayor. Gunnoe has applied.

DOVER (WJER) (May 9, 2022) – City Council President Shane Gunnoe says discussions with other elected officials and city administrators prompted his decision to apply for the interim mayor position.

“I did not make this decision on my own,” he said. “It was something I came to [through] consultation with other members of council and other elected officials and administration members in the city. I really feel like the consensus was very encouraging for me to apply.

“I think I have a strong resume. I believe I would be able to hit the ground running in that position.”

There’s an opening in the mayor’s office because the state has suspended Richard Homrighausen as it pursues 15 criminal counts in a grand jury indictment of the 73-year-old mayor. Homrighausen is still getting paid though as he awaits a September 20th jury trial.

Tuscarawas County Probate Court Judge Adam Wilgus is conducting the search for Homrighausen’s temporary replacement. He’s accepting applications until 4 p.m. Tuesday.

So far, Gunnoe is the only applicant we know about. He says he would like the applications made public.

“Let’s keep the process open and transparent. I think that’s the appropriate manner to do this,” Gunnoe said. “Everybody should be able to view the resumes and what they believe to be qualified experience for this position. Let people have their chance to view those documents as well.”

Wilgus in a press release said he has assembled a committee of Dover residents to review the resumes. He says he aims to conduct a fair, thorough, and efficient search.

However, Wilgus has been reluctant to provide information about the interim mayor search. In an email response to questions about who is on the selection committee, he said he won’t comment until he’s chosen an interim mayor.

In an email, he said he is consulting with the county’s attorney about WJER’s public records request for the names of the applicants and the committee members conducting the search.

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