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Dover Councilman seeks interim mayor post to move past Homrighausen

| May 12, 2022

DOVER (WJER) (May 12, 2022) – The city council member seeking the interim mayor position says he doesn’t want anyone connected to suspended Mayor Richard Homrighausen serving in that office.

Ward 4 Representative Bob Mueller is among six candidates applying to be Dover’s temporary mayor. Probate Court Judge Adam Wilgus and his hand-picked six-member committee will decide who gets the job.

“I think it’s about time the citizens of Dover have a choice of someone who has absolutely no connection to Richard P. Homrighausen,” said Mueller, who has been a Dover Council member for 20 years.

Dover Council President Shane Gunnoe also applied for the interim position.

Mueller says he thinks he and Gunnoe bring the same knowledge of Dover city government. They have both criticized Homrighausen and called for his resignation.

Mueller pointed out Gunnoe’s past connections to Homrighausen.

“Homer appointed him president of Council,” Mueller said. “Shane marched in parades with Homer, and Homer encouraged him to run for Council in the first place.”

Mueller says he wouldn’t anticipate any big changes to Dover government if he’s the interim mayor. He wants to see the city move forward.

“Get this crap behind us,” he said. “It’s just very distracting. Right now, without a mayor, I’m told a lot of stuff is piling up on people’s desks – the mayor’s desk, the auditor’s desk – because there’s no mayor to sign off on it.”

The state suspended Homrighausen May 4 as he awaits a Sept.20 jury trial. A grand jury in March indicted the eight-term mayor on 15 counts, including theft in office. He has pleaded not guilty.

The county provided a list of the names of the applicants for interim mayor. The other four applicants are Robert Coburn, Orliage Byrom, Matthew Paxton and Jim Devney.

We are waiting for officials to provide copies of their applications.

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