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Dover firefighters arrive to car in pond but no driver

| March 7, 2022

DOVER (WJER) (Mar. 7, 2022) – Dover firefighters say they were called out to a car in a pond Saturday morning with no driver to be found.

Capt. Joe Minocchi says a passerby saw the car in this small farm pond in the 3700 block of state Route 39 near Kimble Companies and reported it about 8:15 a.m.

He says the pond is approximately 200 feet away from the road.

They’re not sure what happened or when it happened. Apparently, it looks like somebody failed to negotiate the turn there, then went off the road, clipped a couple of those trees but ended up going down into the pond,” said Minocchi.

He says firefighters arrived to a small Sedan sitting in around four feet of water, with the driver’s side about a foot above the waterline.

He says it didn’t take long for divers to wade out and determine no one was inside.

So they were able to clear the car itself real quick, within a matter of minutes, and then we always do a thorough search around the vehicle,” Minocchi said.

Minocchi says divers worked with a tow company to get the car out of the pond.

The State Highway Patrol has been investigating to learn who was driving and what took place.

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