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Dover group’s hiking path among several park projects in the works

| March 31, 2022

DOVER (WJER) (March 31, 2022) – Yet another group of civic-minded Dover residents are coming together to improve the city’s landscape.

In recent months, volunteers and donors have raised money for a veterans’ monument, a playground at Deis Hill, and new turf for the ball field at the city park.

Now a new group wants to redo the Dover Lions’ path from Dover Pool Road to Deis Hill. June Contini is one of the people heading the effort.

“If you’ve been up there you can see just how dangerous and treacherous those steps have become,” she said at a recent Council meeting. “They were installed 35 years ago and they have not been maintained.”

The goal is to establish a non-profit organization and raise approximately $30,000. Jody Nicklaus, another volunteer, says improvements will make the path safer.

“Not only is it more attractive, but the grade will not be nearly as steep so it won’t be as dangerous,” she said. “We will be taking out the old steps. There will not be any steps.”

Dover Parks Director Scott Jerles last week said $16,000 had been raised so far. Donations can be made through the city.

The organizers hope to get a permanent group together that would continue to work to improve the city parks.

Other park projects

Jerles says the new turf for the Dover High School baseball team’s home field would likely be done if not for the weather. It isn’t going to be ready for the Tornadoes game Friday.

Jerles says about two-thirds of the $350,000 for that project came from private donations. Last year the Dover-New Philadlephia Kiwanis Club funded a new playground at Deis Hill Park. Jerles says they’ll be adding benches and picnic tables there.

“There’s just so many generous people in this community,” Jerles said. “From the civic organizations to just private citizens and donations, people are stepping up.”

Deis Hill also has a new pickleball court up and running. Jerles says the city is also planning to add a walking path through the ballpark area of the city park this year.

“We just get so many walkers through there,” he said. “We’re in the process of designing and engineering a walking path along the side of the road.”

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