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Dover Library to unveil latest edition of local history publication

| February 11, 2022

DOVER (WJER) (Feb. 11, 2022) – Contributors to the latest edition of “Tapestries of Tuscarawas County” will be reading excerpts from their entries during a launch party at the Dover Public Library.

It will be held in the library’s Community Room this Saturday beginning at 2 pm with cash prizes awarded to the judges’ picks for the top written and visual works featured in the 4th installment of the publication. History Librarian Kim Jurkovic says it wasn’t easy choosing the winners.

“Well, as a historian they all stood out to me, and there are definitely some that I guess you’d say you enjoy a little bit more than others but I thought they were all good. I was impressed by all of them being the first time that I’ve been involved in the project.”

She says it’s something the library typically publishes annually but they ended up skipping 2021 because of COVID.

“This year was kind of a little bit different because of the pandemic. It got postponed from last year so this year it’s kind of two years of putting together things, kind of holding some from last year, gathering more from this year.” 

Copies of the latest edition will be available during the event for $8 each and will remain on sale at the library afterward. Jurkovic says they will begin accepting submissions for the next one in the fall.

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