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Dover Mayor says he’s staying as calls for his resignation grow

| February 22, 2022
Dover Mayor Richard Homrighausen, left, listens as Law Director Doug O'Meara speaks at the Dover City Council meeting Monday.

DOVER (WJER) (February 22, 2022) – Mayor Richard Homrighausen says he won’t be pressured into resigning despite an online petition and residents’ comments at City Council’s meeting Monday.

Homrighausen is already working with a City Council that unanimously wants him to go. Members allege a host of unethical and illegal actions, from dereliction of duty to nepotism to whistleblower law violations.

Homrighausen says he’s not leaving, “because I won’t be pressured into a situation I don’t agree with.”

Monday, School Board Member Brian Hanner and resident Larry Kutcher piled on the mayor.

“Shame on you,” Hanner said. “We’re all losing our patience with you and your family.”

“There’s a lot of frustration on the street,” Kutcher said. “I feel as well as many other citizens of Dover that the mayor does need to resign. At least save some dignity and respect he’s earned over these past numerous years.”

Law Director Doug O’Meara says he anticipates charges against Homrighausen soon stemming from investigations by state authorities. He says the options for removing the mayor are complicated.

Council President Shane Gunnoe says he’s discussed with state legislators how to tweak laws to allow a recall.

“And the response I got back was it would be much quicker to go other routes then to try to work through that process and then initiate a recall in the city,” Gunnoe said.

Gunnoe says at the next meeting he will enter into council’s records an online petition at asking for the mayor’s immediate removal. It has 182 signatures and counting.

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