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Dover students spreading kindness to support PTG

| February 26, 2024

DOVER – Tuscarawas County residents should be on the lookout for tiny superheroes making a difference in the community.

The Dover Elementary PTG, instead of having students sell something, are asking them to perform acts of kindness.

Veronica Studer with the PTG says they didn’t want to do a typical fundraiser this time around, so they brought out the little capes and special sunglasses to follow the theme “Kindness is my superpower.” It’s called a “Raise Craze” where students help the community and ask for donations.

Examples of their kindness include picking up litter, writing thank you cards for police and firefighters, creating artwork for patients and Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital, and making bracelets for incoming kindergarteners.

Residents can participate by looking for a special QR code or visiting the PTG website

“We live in an amazing community with kind, caring, generous people who are always ready to step up when there is a need,” Studer said. “So we were looking for a way that we could give back to the community for everything that they’ve done while at the same time still finding a way to raise money.”

Each Dover Elementary School will host Family Act of Kind Nights for families.

The event at South on Feb. 29 will focus on local heroes – firefighters, police, EMS and more.

The event at East on March 7 will focus on supporting senior citizens.

At Dover Avenue on March 12 the focus will be on local support organizations.

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