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Dover tops Zanesville in girls soccer

| August 18, 2022

ZANESVILLE (WJER) (August 18, 2022) – The Dover girls soccer team topped the host Blue Devils 1-0 Wednesday. Bella Zobel scored the game-winning goal with about eight minutes to play.

Coach James Klein shared this game summary:

Final Score: 1 (Dover) to 0 (Zanesville)

Location: Zanesville

Kickoff: 6:30 PM (30-minute delay due to lightning)


72:30 – Bella Zobel

On Wednesday, August 17th the Dover Crimson Tornadoes took on the Zanesville Blue Devils. Coming off our first win of the season we were ready to get back on the field, but the weather had different thoughts. Luckily, it was only a 30-minute delay, but you could see the negative effects of having a little over an hour bus ride and then having to shelter for another hour or so had on us.

The first fifteen minutes of the game were pretty sloppy, but the girls continued to pressure and work to create chances. They began to settle in around the twenty-minute mark but just couldn’t find a goal. Unlike Monday, we were unable to find a goal in the first half even though we had a lot of chances.

Going into the second half, we knew we needed to score, but tried to stay the course and not get over anxious. However, as the half went on, we still could not find a goal. Luckily for us, Bella Zobel (senior, #6) changed all of that with about 8 minutes to go in the second half. She found the back of the net while running through the box and cleaning up a loose ball off the keeper’s hands from another shot.

The defense made up of Ava Zobel (sophomore, #4), Olivia Noretto (senior, #18), Addie Steed (senior, #10), Addie Martin (senior, #0), Elizabeth Lane (sophomore, #13), and Cassy Connare (senior, #15) has continued to play strong and now has back to back shutouts.

We will look to try and finish the week with another win on Saturday against Northwest High School at 11:00 AM at Crater Stadium.

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