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Dover v. Homrighausen headed to appeals court

| March 22, 2024
Former Dover Mayor Richard Homrighausen during one of his many appearances in Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court.

DOVER (WJER) (March 22, 2024) – The city can’t yet put its legal entanglements with the former mayor behind them.

Richard Homrighausen is appealing a judge’s ruling that favored the city over the disgraced former mayor.

Homrighausen had been Dover’s mayor for over 30 years before he was convicted of theft in office in 2022.

Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Ernest in February ordered Homrighausen to reimburse the city over $100,000 for suspension pay and wedding fees he was accused of pocketing.

Homrighausen’s lawyer this week notified the court of his intention to appeal that ruling to the Fifth District Court of Appeals.

Homrighausen is also separately appealing his criminal conviction. The Fifth District court denied his first appeal, so now he’s taking the criminal case to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Dover has filed its own appeal in a separate case involving Dover Chemical. It has to do with witness testimony and attorney-client privilege. That appeal threatens to drag that case out longer than three years-plus since it was filed. There is a bench trial scheduled for May.

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