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Dover’s new mayor hoping have to old mayor’s lawsuits dismissed

| May 16, 2022
Lawyers for the city of Dover and Richard Homrighighausen, and Homrighausen himself, listen to Judge Michael Ernest during a court hearing in April.

DOVER (WJER) (May 16, 2022) – One of the city’s first actions with a new interim mayor is attempting to dismiss the suspended mayor’s lawsuits and appeals against the city.

Richard Homrighausen is suspended from Dover’s mayor’s office until a criminal case against him is resolved. Depending on the verdict, he’ll either be reinstated or removed from office.

Before his suspension, Homrighausen sued the city twice and filed two appeals in Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court. They all are efforts to stop the city from employing three people he fired in December but council brought back in March.

In Monday’s brief filings, the city’s attorneys say Homrighausen filed the cases in his capacity as mayor. Since Homrihausen no longer serves as mayor, Gunnoe is stepping in and asking the court to dismiss all claims.

“He filed many of those legal actions in his official capacity as mayor,” Gunnoe said. “When he became suspended, he no longer serves as their appointing authority or has the ability to act in an official capacity as mayor. Therefore, those challenges to the State Personnel Board of Review settlement should be dismissed.”

Gunnoe says the city has not heard a response from Homrighausen.

“The city’s pretty confident in its legal position,” Gunnoe said.

Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Ernest is overseeing all four cases and will rule on the motions to dismiss.

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