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Dundee teen hospitalized after horse-riding accident

| July 18, 2022

DUNDEE (WJER) (July 18, 2022) – A 13-year-old is continuing to recover after getting stepped on by a horse.

Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Sgt. Alex Shaffer says it happened around 7 pm Friday in an outdoor arena at the boy’s home on Lower Trail Road NW when the horse’s saddle broke and flipped upside down while he was still attached to it. 

“He got stepped on several times, lost consciousness for a little bit. Mom said probably a minute to a minute and a half. Mom said about a lap around the ring and the child was able to get off of the saddle at that point, and they were able to get the horse separated from the child, call for first responders and everything.”

Schaffer says the boy lost feeling in his leg and was life-flighted to Akron Children’s Hospital where he underwent surgery to correct a broken femur.

“He’s looking at about a two to three-day stay at Akron Children’s. They just want to monitor him, make sure everything’s going in the right direction, which so far he’s been excellent through it.”

Schaffer planned to check back in with the boy’s mother once he was released from the hospital. 

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