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East District Football All-Stars 2023

| November 7, 2023
The East District Division III Defensive Player of the Year.

New Philadelphia linebacker Zach Rothrock is the Defensive Player of the Year, Dover’s J.J. Barton is the Co-Offensive Player of the Year, and Dover’s Dan Ifft is the Co-Coach of the Year among the east Ohio District Football All-Stars in Division III. Barton and Ifft shared their awards with the counterparts at Tri-Valley – player Jayden Wallace and coach Cam West.

West Holmes is the co-holder of all three district awards in Division IV: Offensive Player of the Year Morgan Smith, Defensive Player of the Year Lynn Cline, and Coach of the Year Zach Gardner.

Sandy Valley got some love in the Division V East District, with Co-Offensive Player of the Year Nick Petro and Co-Defensive Player of the Year Chapin Greer.

Garaway, after an undefeated season and two wins in the playoffs so far, has the undisputed Division VI District Coach of the Year – Jason Wallick. Pirate receiver Jenson Garber is the Offensive Player of the Year, and linebacker Wyatt Wallick is the Co-Defensive Player of the Year.

In the Division VII East District All-Stars, Malvern quarterback Jared Witherow is the Co-Offensive Player of the Year, and Malvern’s Matt Chiurco is the Co-Coach of the Year.


(Teams were selected by media within the East District)

Division III

Offensive Players of the Year: JJ Barton, Dover; Jayden Wallace, Dresden Tri-Valley

Defensive Player of the Year: Zach Rothrock, New Philadelphia

Coaches of the Year: Cam West, Dresden Tri-Valley; Dan Ifft, Dover


First Team


Quarterbacks: Max Lyall, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-3, 205, jr.; Jack Judkins, Dover, 5-8, 180, so.; Keaton Fausel, New Philadelphia, 6-0, 175, jr.; Noah Winland, New Concord John Glenn, 6-1, 195, sr.

Running Backs: Jayden Wallace, Dresden Tri-Valley, 5-10, 180, jr.; Etnie Richardson, New Philadelphia, 5-6, 165, sr.; JJ Barton, Dover, 6-0, 190, sr.; Lincoln Gilcher, New Concord John Glenn, 5-8, 180, jr.; Drew Doyle, Zanesville, 5-9, 165, sr.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Ashton Sensibaugh, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-0, 170, sr.; Keaton Hahn, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-3, 160, jr.; Erik Neal, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-4, 220, sr.; Justice Hughes, Dover, 6-1, 175, so.

Linemen: Simon Lorenz, Dover, 6-3 280, sr.; Matt Jones, Dover, 6-3, 210, sr.; Garrett Dillon Rine, New Philadelphia, 6-4, 260, sr.; Hudson Osborn, New Philadelphia, 5-11, 255, sr.; Canon Mercer, Zanesville, 6-1, 265, jr.; Clay Mathers, New Concord John Glenn, 6-1, 260, jr.; Gavin Spiker, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-4, 260, jr.

Kickers: Bode McCullough, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-0, 155, jr.; Will Nicolozakes, New Concord John Glenn, 5-9, 145, jr.



Linemen: Nic Xanders, New Concord John Glenn, 6-2, 230, sr.; Alex Altier, New Concord John Glenn, 6-1, 265, so.; Boston Crowell, New Philadelphia, 6-5, 265, jr.; Chris Gargasz, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-2, 230, jr.

Linebackers: Cameron Barnhouse, New Concord John Glenn, 5-11, 180, sr.; Bronson Bendle, New Concord John Glenn, 5-10, 190, sr.; Zach Rothrock, New Philadelphia, 6-2, 210, sr.; Jaiden Boltz, New Philadelphia, 6-0, 200, sr.; Myles Tyson, New Philadelphia, 6-0, 185, so.; Kam Karns, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-2, 175, jr.

Defensive Backs: Daylen Clark, Dover, 5-9, 170, jr.; Issac Blickensderfer, Dover, 6-4, 185, jr.; Andrew Glaub, New Concord John Glenn, 5-8, 155, jr.; Carson Long, New Philadelphia, 5-10, 170, jr.; Nate Better, Dresden Tri-Valley, 5-11, 155, sr.

Punter: Sean Baumberger, Dover, 6-0, 180, sr.


Honorable Mention

Thomas Peveto, Dover, T.J Arnold, Dover, Cade McGarry, Dover, Zane Mark, Dover; Drake Tabler, Zanesville, Roquel Cornell, Zanesville, Vaughn Pouncy, Zanesville; Tanner Whiteman, New Concord John Glenn, Jake Johnson, New Concord John Glenn, Connor Sensabaugh, New Concord John Glenn; Pete DiDonato, New Philadelphia; Brody Gilland, New Philadelphia; Jordy DeLaCruz, New Philadelphia; Owen Schoelles, New Philadelphia; Drake Durst, Dresden Tri-Valley; Kade Hindel, Dresden Tri-Valley.


Division IV

Offensive Players of the Year: Morgan Smith, Millersburg West Holmes; Dino Burk, St. Clairsville; Isaac Hill, Steubenville

Defensive Players of the Year: Lynn Cline, Millersburg West Holmes; Brody Saccoccia, Steubenville

Coaches of the Year: Zach Gardner, Millersburg West Holmes; Reno Saccoccia, Steubenville


First Team


Quarterbacks: Morgan Smith, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-1, 180, jr.; Austin Cline, East Liverpool Beaver Local, 6-3, 215, sr.; Aydan Manning, Steubenville, 6-1, 165, sr.; Logan Niceswanger, McConnelsville Morgan, 6-0, 195, sr.; Talon Preston, Duncan Falls Philo, 6-0, 170, jr.

Running Backs: Dino Burk, St. Clairsville, 5-10, 170, jr.; Zion McGee, Wintersville Indian Creek, 5-10, 190, jr.; Grady Kinsey, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 5-9, 185, so.; Savier Faulks, Steubenville, 5-9, 175, sr.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Kyle Maltarich, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-3, 180, sr.; Isaac Hill, Steubenville, 6-3, 212, sr.; Kole Searl, McConnelsville Morgan, 6-2, 185, sr.; Devin Ogle, Cambridge, 6-2, 195, sr.; Brock Severs, East Liverpool Beaver Local, 6-0, 185, jr.; Cole Thoburn, St. Clairsville, 5-9, 150, sr.; Logan Zollars, West Holmes, 6-0, 175, jr.

Linemen: Morgan Eastep, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-3, 260, jr.; Perry Patrone, St. Clairsville, 5-10, 220, sr.; Griffin Fogle, St. Clairsville, 6-4, 275, sr.; JR Adams, St. Clairsville, 6-4, 290, sr.; Ben Burgey, Steubenville, 6-1, 265, jr.; Javin Harper, Steubenville, 6-0, 285, sr.

Kicker: Alex Pringle, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-0, 190, jr.



Linemen: Jaxon Burcher, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 6-1, 200, jr.; Elijah Williams-Dixon, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-4, 220, jr.; Peyton Gorby, Steubenville, 6-1, 255, sr.; Santonio Brown, Steubenville, 6-3, 230, sr.; Drew Wright, Duncan Falls Philo, 6-3, 215, sr.; D’Shawn Kirby, East Liverpool, 6-4, 245, jr.

Linebackers: Quake Beatty, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 5-8, 150, sr.; Lynn Cline, Millersburg West Holmes, 5-11, 175, so.; Brennan Stout, St. Clairsville, 5-10, 235, sr.; Logan Wilhite, Zanesville Maysville, 5-10, 170, jr.; Kane Curran, East Liverpool Beaver Local, 5-10, 195, jr.; Trent Davis, East Liverpool, 6-0, 210, jr.; Justin Vergona, Wintersville Indian Creek, 5-8, 190, jr.; Elijah Mullins, Steubenville, 5-10, 175, sr.; Sabron Felton, Steubenville, 5-8, 145, sr.; Gus Warner, Millersburg West Holmes, 5-11, 190, sr.

Defensive Backs: Brody Saccoccia, Steubenville, 5-10, 165, jr.; Seth Henning, Duncan Falls Philo, 5-8, 145, sr.; Mat Harper, Zanesville Maysville, 6-0, 170, jr.; Kolton Thomas, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 6-1, 180, sr.

Punter: Wesley Armstead, Zanesville Maysville, 5-11, 170, sr.


Second Team


Quarterbacks: Sam Carter, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 5-9, 170, sr.; Garrett Carpenter, Cambridge, 6-0, 160, so.; Jacob Whitmore, Carrollton, 5-11, 180, jr.

Running Backs: Alec Terakedis, Uhrichsville Claymont, 5-9, 165, sr.; Todd Saxton, Zanesville Maysville, 6-0, 185, sr.; Talan Bailey, Duncan Falls Philo, 5-6, 165, jr.; Wyatt Weese, Warsaw River View, 6-0, 195, sr.; Devon Patterson, Minerva, 6-1, 210, sr.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Nate Fair, West Holmes, 6-3, 195, sr.; Jordan Connor, Uhrichsville Claymont, 6-1, 155, sr.; Hayden Bankes, McConnelsville Morgan, 5-7, 150, so.; Keaton Kyser, Cambridge, 5-9, 160, sr.; Eli Edwards, Cambridge, 5-10, 185, sr.

Linemen: Gage Brown, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-2, 310, sr.; Ty Pridemore, Carrollton, 6-6, 245, sr.; Braylon Vermillion, Uhrichsville Claymont, 6-3, 240, sr.; Carson Temple, East Liverpool Beaver Local, 6-2, 195, jr.; Kydron Snow, Warsaw River View, 5-10, 210, jr.

Kicker: Makenna Booth, St. Clairsville, 5-8, 160, sr.



Linemen: Ryker Williams, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 5-10, 165, fr.; Brody Saunders, St. Clairsville, 6-2, 190, jr.; Owen McCoy, McConnelsville Morgan, 6-0, 220, sr.; Caleb Bodo, Wintersville Indian Creek, 6-3, 205, jr.; Ashton Shultz, Duncan Falls Philo, 5-7, 280, sr.

Linebackers: Gavin Schoolcraft, St. Clairsville, 5-10, 200, jr.; Max Fogle, St. Clairsville, 6-1, 230, jr.; Casen Hirtle, Zanesville Maysville, 5-10, 180, sr.; Gavin Pownall, Wintersville Indian Creek, 5-11, 170, so.; Brayden Bernard, Duncan Falls Philo, 5-9, 190, jr.; Matt McLean, McConnelsville Morgan, 5-10, 200, sr.; Richard Page, McConnelsville Morgan, 5-9, 160, sr.

Defensive Backs: Tanyon McComb, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 5-9, 160, sr.; Zach Byard, Wintersville Indian Creek, 6-1, 170, sr.

Punter: None

Honorable Mention

Brent Smith, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, Cam Guspyt, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, Justin Cagot, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley; Levi Crider, Carrollton, Ryan Kiko, Carrollton; Jack Marmet, Millersburg West Holmes; Gavin Douglas, Uhrichsville Claymont, Brody Moreland, Uhrichsville Claymont; Alex McDiffitt, Rayland Buckeye Local; Brody Schafer, St. Clairsville; Colt Westlake, St. Clairsville; Marcus Bush, St. Clairsville; Bradyn Galloway, St. Clairsville; Tyson Pastor, St. Clairsville; Kaleb Monlux, Zanesville Maysville; Gavin Wright, East Liverpool; Nick Rawson, East Liverpool Beaver Local. Ian Starkey, Wintersville Indian Creek; Enzo Alloggia, Wintersville Indian Creek, Paul Mazar, Wintersville Indian Creek; Brayden Bleakney, Duncan Falls Philo, Camden Stoner, Duncan Falls Philo, Damon Myers, Duncan Falls Philo; Witten Schaad, McConnelsville Morgan, Kyle Campbell, McConnelsville Morgan; Cody Quillin, Cambridge, Taylor Britton, Cambridge, Isaiah Mayle, Cambridge, Damien Shaw, Cambridge, Nathan Shultz, Cambridge, Clayton Myers, Cambridge.


Division V

Offensive Players of the Year: Rashid SeSay, Zanesville West Muskingum; Casey Carpenter, Barnesville; Nick Petro, Magnolia Sandy Valley

Defensive Player of the Year: Hines Ford, Barnesville; Chapin Greer, Magnolia Sandy Valley

Coaches of the Year nominees Blake Allen, Barnesville; Nathan Brownrigg, Zanesville West Muskingum; Anthony Hayes, Cadiz Harrison Central


First Team


Quarterbacks: Casey Carpenter, Barnesville, 5-10, 180, jr.; JD Henderson, Richmond Edison, 5-10, 145, so.; Jake Anton, Zanesville West Muskingum, 6-2, 170, jr.; Nick Petro, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 6-3, 185, sr.

Running Backs: Rashid SeSay, Zanesville West Muskingum, 5-11, 190, sr.; Taison Starr, Barnesville, 5-10, 170, sr.; Mykel Quito, Cadiz Harrison Central, 6-2, 225, jr.; Israel Rice, Coshocton, 6-1, 195, sr.; Riley Woodie, Coshocton, 6-1, 205, sr.; Dyllan Austin, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 6-1, 190, sr.; Brody Perzanowski, Union Local, 5-9, 170, fr.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Parker Hutton, Cadiz Harrison Central, 5-11, 190, sr.; Jason “Duker” Castello, Barnesville, 5-9, 160, sr.; Deacon Rawson, Richmond Edison, 6-1, 180, sr.; Lukas Gilland, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 6-1, 165, jr.; Nick Norman, Byesville Meadowbrook, 5-11, 170, jr.

Linemen: Braden Butler, Barnesville, 6-0, 270, jr.; Hank Johnson, Barnesville, 5-10, 190, sr.; Lucas Thomas, Cadiz Harrison Central, 6-5, 230, sr.; Cam Stanton, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 6-1, 235, sr.; Ellzye Smith, Coshocton, 5-8, 230, sr.; Johnny Sabinski, Union Local, 6-1, 270, sr.; Mike Farley, Zanesville West Muskingum, 6-2, 280, sr.; Andrew Neary, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 6-2, 275, sr.; Zayden Yeagle, Byesville Meadowbrook, 5-11, 200, sr.

Kicker: Evan Lough, Barnesville, 6-2, 170, jr.; Silas Kuhn, Zanesville West Muskingum, 5-7, 115, so.



Linemen: Joey Simpson, Richmond Edison, 5-11, 255, sr.; Lane Waggonner, Richmond Edison, 6-0, 165, sr.; Marshall Meade, Barnesville, 6-1, 215, jr.; Landen Thomas, Cadiz Harrison Central, 6-3, 250, jr.; Colin Thornton, Zanesville West Muskingum, 5-8, 240, sr.; Blake Kirk, Barnesville, 5-10, 250, sr.; Logan Sesser, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 6-1, 265, jr.         ; Chapin Greer, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 6-1, 175, sr.

Linebackers: Hines Ford, Barnesville, 5-8, 160, so.; Aiden Sparger, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 5-10, 160, jr.; Cole Pittman, Richmond Edison, 6-0, 165, jr.; Carter Winland, Zanesville West Muskingum, 5-8, 200, jr.; Jack Murphy, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 5-11, 160, jr.; Noah Farley, Byesville Meadowbrook, 6-0, 155, sr.

Defensive Backs: Cam McAfee, Cadiz Harrison Central, 5-9, 165, jr.; Luke Detling. Barnesville, 5-8, 150, sr.; Antwone Johns, Coshocton, 6-0, 195, sr.; Dawson Jones, Richmond Edison, 5-9, 160, sr.; Troy Snyder, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 6-1, 170, sr.

Punter: Brady Hyre, Cadiz Harrison Central, 6-3, 165, so.


Second Team


Quarterbacks: Colton Conkle, Coshocton, 5-11, 165, jr.; Hayden Cassidy, Cadiz Harrison Central, 5-11, 160, sr.; Grant Lahmers, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 6-1, 185, jr.

Running Backs: Daylin Rivera, Byesville Meadowbrook, 5-11, 160, sr.; Trey Toliver, Barnesville, 5-9, 180, fr.; Talan McClurg, Richmond Edison, 5-11, 200, sr.; Chad Davis, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 5-10, 175, sr.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Clayton Vermillion, Cadiz Harrison Central, 6-6, 235, sr.; Matt Humphrey, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 5-9, 140, jr.; Dre Saunders, Union Local, 5-11, 150, jr.; Avante Hayes, Richmond Edison, 5-10, 155, sr.

Linemen: Hunter Boals, Cadiz Harrison Central, 6-1, 230, sr.; Joe Walters, Coshocton, 6-1, 305, jr.; Connor McKenzie, Zanesville West Muskingum, 5-11, 260, sr.; Casey Clendenning, Byesville Meadowbrook, 5-8, 255, so.

Kicker: None



Linemen: Cord McKenzie, Zanesville West Muskingum, 6-0, 210, sr.; Koby Jones, Barnesville, 5-8, 170, so.; Eli Stroup, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 6-2, 195, sr.; Logan Ridenbaugh, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 6-1, 185, so.; Trenton Russell, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 6-2, 220, sr.; Kolten Snyder, Byesville Meadowbrook, 5-11, 185, fr.

Linebackers: Wes Houston, Zanesville West Muskingum, 6-0, 205, jr.; Evan Unger, Coshocton, 6-0, 195, sr.; Chase McClurg, Richmond Edison, 5-10, 160, sr.; Keegan Karns, Zanesville West Muskingum, 6-1, 200, sr.; Luke Williams, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 5-9, 155, jr.

Defensive Backs: Preston Ator, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 5-10, 155, so.; Mason Colvin, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 5-11, 160, sr.; Trevor Eisnaugle, Richmond Edison, 6-0, 150, so.

Punter: None

Honorable Mention

Chaz Culbertson, Cadiz Harrison Central, Kayne Dunkle, Cadiz Harrison Central; Brady McIntire, Barnesville, Camden Carpenter, Barnesville; Gannon Kerns, Union Local; Alex Beaver, Union Local; Jake Toohey, Union Local; Evan White, Union Local; Billy Schumacher, Union Local; Kaiden Fleming, Zanesville West Muskingum, Conner Hill, Zanesville West Muskingum, Carter Smith, Zanesville West Muskingum, Tavin Bennett, Zanesville West Muskingum; Wes Little, Magnolia Sandy Valley; Landon Khune, Byesville Meadowbrook, Bentley Sedor, Byesville Meadowbrook, Justice Huey, Byesville Meadowbrook.


Division VI

Offensive Player of the Year: Jenson Garber, Sugarcreek Garaway

Defensive Players of the Year: Wyatt Wallick, Sugarcreek Garaway; Graham Baker, Beverly Fort Frye; Alex Reese, Martins Ferry

Coach of the Year: Jason Wallick, Garaway Pirates


First Team


Quarterback: Brady Geibel, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-4, 195, jr.; Braxton Barnett, Sarahsville Shenandoah, 6-1, 170, so.

Running Backs: Carter McConnell, Newcomerstown, 5-10, 205, jr.; Dillon Soehnlen, Sugarcreek Garaway, 5-6, 150, jr.; Clayton Miller, Beverly Fort Frye, 6-1, 180, jr.; Tev’n Williams, Martins Ferry, 5-11, 185, jr.; Koen Eagon, Lore City Buckeye Trail, 5-10, 160, sr.; Mac Mac Pettigrew, Bellaire, 5-10, 155, sr.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Virgil Myers, Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley, 5-10, 150, sr.; Jenson Garber, Sugarcreek Garaway,  6-0, 160, sr.; Brenden Portman, Sarahsville Shenandoah, 5-8, 165, sr.

Linemen: Dylan Congdon, Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley, 6-8, 280, jr.; Spencer Ebersbach, Newcomerstown, 6-1, 300, jr.; Jake Miller, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-3, 295, sr.; Braxton Ross, Beverly Fort Frye, 6-0, 195, jr.; Shayden Fogle, Martins Ferry, 5-9, 185, sr.      ; Joey Nixon, Bellaire, 6-0, 250, sr.

Kicker: Anderson Colon, Sugarcreek Garaway, 5-6,175, jr.



Linemen: Alex Reese, Martins Ferry, 6-6, 230, jr.; Graham Baker, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-11, 240, sr.; Brady Hastings, Lore City Buckeye Trail, 6-2, 200, sr.; Wyatt Hershberger, Sugarcreek Garaway, 5-10, 225, sr.; Jackson Reifenschneider, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-3, 240, sr.

Linebackers: Charlie Parry, Lore City Buckeye Trail, 6-3, 185, sr.; Wyatt Wallick, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-0, 185, sr.; Payton Keller, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-1, 170, sr.; Sebastian Huck, Beverly Fort Frye, 6-1, 175, sr.; Ross Schultheis, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-10, 175, sr.; Andrew Leiffer, Martins Ferry, 5-10, 185, sr.; Graham Campbell, Bellaire, 5-9, 165, so.; Logan Edgar, Bellaire, 6-2, 170, sr.

Defensive Backs: Bryndan Riddle, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-11, 160, sr.; Weston Miley, Sarahsville Shenandoah, 6-3, 180, sr.

Punter: Clay Greuey, Beverly Fort Frye, 6-4, 210, sr.


Second Team


Quarterbacks: Cole Clements, Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley, 6-3, 190, sr.; Ayden Ludolph, Martins Ferry, 5-9, 180, jr.

Running Backs: Drew White, Bellaire, 6-0, 180, sr.; Dom Singer, Newcomerstown, 5-5, 135, so.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: John Leffler, Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley, 6-4, 190, sr.; Bronson Speedy, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-2, 195, jr.; Grady Hesson, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-7, 140, fr.

Linemen: Colson Keller, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-2, 215, so.; Tayson Palmer, Martins Ferry, 6-0, 225, so.; Dalton Smelko, Bellaire, 5-10, 230, sr.

Kicker: Ethan Foster, Newcomerstown, 6-0, 145, jr.; Jordi Laval, Martins Ferry, 5-8, 140, fr.



Linemen: Jackson Hess, Lore City Buckeye Trail, 6-0, 210, jr.; Clayton Downs, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-3, 220, sr.

Linebckers: Ethan Kimble, Sugarcreek Garaway, 5-9, 175, sr.; Jayce Wallick, Sugarcreek Garaway, 5-10, 205, jr.; Matthias Kesselring, Beverly Fort Frye, 6-0, 175, sr.; Blake Wheeler, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-9, 175, so.; Mason Todd, Lore City Buckeye Trail, 5-8, 160, so.

Defensive Backs: Tanner Smith, Newcomerstown, 5-9, 150, so.

Punter: None


Honorable Mention

Colton Selinsky, Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley, Martin Hernandez, Newcomerstown; Micah Yoder, Sugarcreek Garaway; Bryce Yoder, Sugarcreek Garaway; Tytan Waller, Beverly Fort Frye; Jacob Feldner, Sarahsville Shenandoah, Hunter Yates, Sarahsville Shenandoah; Turner Krol, Martins Ferry; Travis Trout, Martins Ferry; Luca Shane, Martins Ferry; Wyatt Connor, Lore City Buckeye Trail; Cole Porter, Lore City Buckeye Trail, Gavin Morris, Lore City Buckeye Trail


Division VII

Offensive Players of the Year: Jared Witherow, Malvern; Cale Bender, Caldwell; Tucker Howell, Woodsfield Monroe Central

Defensive Players of the Year: Aiden Filby, Toronto; Brayden Rauch, Steubenville Catholic Central; Ethan Crock, Caldwell

Coaches of the Year: Matt Chiurco, Malvern; Josh Franke, Toronto; Eric Meek, Steubenville Catholic Central


First Team


Quarterbacks: Jared Witherow, Malvern, 6-4, 185, jr.; Brendan Bernath, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 5-11, 175, sr.; Russ Dickinson, Toronto, 6-0, 184, jr.; Cale Bender, Caldwell, 5-10, 175, sr.; Tucker Howell, Woodsfield Monroe Central, 6-1, 185, sr.; Kabel Isaly, Hannibal River, 5-10, 165, sr.

Running Backs: Dom Bouscher, Toronto, 6-2, 172, sr.; BJ Fallon, Steubenville Catholic Central, 5-10, 150, sr.; Brody Zemba, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 6-0, 170, so.; Noah Smith, Bowerston Conotton Valley, 5-9, 170, sr.; Kaden Johnson, Hannibal River, 6-0, 240, sr.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Dylan Phillips, Malvern, 6-2, 175, sr.; Rodney Smith, Malvern, 6-1 165, jr.; Dylan Wheeler, Caldwell, 5-10, 180, sr.; Carter Knowlton, Woodsfield Monroe Central, 6-0, 170, sr.; Brooks Bower, Bowerston Conotton Valley, 5-10, 175, jr.; Mason Marchbank, Toronto, 6-3, 213, jr.

Linemen: Zach Babiczuk, Malvern, 6-2, 235, sr.; Chance Miller, Malvern, 6-2, 205, sr.; Cayden Benton, Toronto, 6-7, 261, sr.; Cale Chaisson, Toronto, 6-0, 242, sr.; Jase Norman, Caldwell, 6-2, 275, sr.; Kody Carver, Steubenville Catholic Central, 5-11, 250, sr.

Kicker: Ryan Runyon, Malvern, 5-9, 160, sr.



Linemen: Kyle Bossert, Malvern, 6-3, 255, sr.; Heath Thomas, Toronto, 6-3, 228, so.; Xander Daniels, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 6-4, 275, sr.; Peyton Rauch, Steubenville Catholic Central, 6-2, 230, jr.; Brendan Grimm, Steubenville Catholic Central, 6-0, 180, sr.; Ethan Crock, Caldwell, 6-3, 205, jr.

Linebackers: Luke Smith, Bowerston Conotton Valley, 5-8, 150, jr.; Luke Tucker, Strasburg, 5-10, 195, sr.; James Palmer, Beallsville, 5-10, 150, sr.; Drake Bouscher, Toronto, 5-10, 182, fr.; Brayden Rauch, Steubenville Catholic Central, 5-11, 205, sr.; Jonah Moracco, Caldwell, 5-9, 145, so.; Dalton Philips, Woodsfield Monroe Central, 5-11, 195, sr.; Cole Micker, Shadyside, 5-10, 175, sr.

Defensive Backs: Michael Marshall, Bridgeport, 5-10, 160, sr.; Nolan Dickinson, Toronto, 5-11, 168, sr.; Aiden Filby, Toronto, 6-2, 172, jr.; Tommy Pergi, Steubenville Catholic Central, 6-1, 165, jr.; Ben Wach, Shadyside, 5-10, 165, sr.

Punter: Daniel Bolster, Steubenville Catholic Central, 6-1, 150, sr.


Second Team


Quarterbacks: Zach Putnam, Bowerston Conotton Valley, 5-10, 160, jr; Gage Moore, Strasburg, 6-2, 195, so.; Garrett Perkins, Beallsville, 6-2, 190, sr.; Tyler Ialenti, Steubenville Catholic Central, 6-2, 195, sr.

Running Backs: Caleb Kirkpatrick, New Matamoras Frontier, 5-8, 150, so.; Lucas Dennis, Hannibal River, 5-10, 150, jr.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Alex Herlan, Caldwell, 6-3, 185, jr.; Kamden Wright, Bowerston Conotton Valley, 5-8, 150, so.; Landen Lydick, Woodsfield Monroe Central, 6-2, 180, sr.; Maddox Mozena, Hannibal River, 6-1, 195, sr.

Linemen: Casey Green, Tuscarawas Central Catholic, 6-1, 320, sr.; Drake Reifenschneider, Strasburg, 6-3, 290, sr.; Maddux Burkhart, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 6-2, 230, sr.; Brody Pitts, Caldwell, 6-1, 265, fr.

Kicker: None



Linemen: Julius Gore, Malvern, 6-1, 205, so.; Noah Hough, Steubenville Catholic Central, 6-0, 175, jr.; Finn Bowers, Hannibal River, 6-1, 220, sr.

Linebackers: Charles Motz, Malvern, 6-0, 185, sr.; Drake Hutchison, Malvern, 5-10, 160, jr.; Jaki Threet, Bridgeport, 6-0, 180, so.; Reed Smith, Beallsville, 5-9, 145, sr.; Jimmy Hernon, Steubenville Catholic Central, 6-1, 175, jr.

Defensive Backs: Derek Rissler, Strasburg, 5-11, 165, sr.; Mike Dady, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 5-7, 150, sr.; Kam Baker, Toronto, 5-9, 165, sr.; Devin McKee, Caldwell, 6-0, 160, sr.

Punter: None

Honorable Mention

Casey Green, Tuscarawas Central Catholic, Kenton Rennicker, Tuscarawas Central Catholic, Carson Norris, Tuscarawas Central Catholic; Avery Jackson, Bridgeport, Law Chambers, Bridgeport, Will Hunt, Bridgeport, Braylon Lewis, Bridgeport; Keizer Thomas, Strasburg; Kaden Thomas, Strasburg; Conner Hagan, Beallsville; Marky Louden, Beallsville; Colton Shriver, Beallsville; Thorn Stoffel, Beallsville; Chase Heckathorn, Toronto; Andy Silverthorn, Toronto, Timmy Mihalyo, Steubenville Catholic Central; Matthew Sprochi, Steubenville Catholic Central; Hunter Petry, Caldwell; Dalton Egnot, Caldwell; Clint Radar, Woodsfield Monroe Central; Tyler Whitacre, Woodsfield Monroe Central; Cooper Howell, Woodsfield Monroe Central; Ashton Lumbatis, Woodsfield Monroe Central; Nathan Booth, Shadyside; Mathew Gregg, Hannibal River; Hunter Nething, Hannibal River; Cooper Cordery, Hannibal River; Zeke Zola, Hannibal River; Peyton Blue, Hannibal River; Dante Passio, Malvern.

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